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GSSSB 431 Senior Clerk Post Recruitment- કોલ લેટર

The "Staff Selection Commission" was formed to carry out the functions assigned to it by the General Administration Department of the Government of Gujarat with Resolution No. KBY-114-1918-G.6 dated 21-7-8. In the resolution No. KBY-114-1918-C.4 of the SWA department dated R-11-17, in order to make the name of this commission, its work, scope of work etc. more specific, in order to make it more "Gujarat Employees ૫ Sandagi Mandal". However, the name of Gujarat Public Service Commission is non-existent in the state, there can be no two commissions for the same purpose. The secondary service is called "Sandagi Mandal". This office has the status of the office of the head of the department.

Duties of Gujarat Secondary Service Pasandagi Mandalઃ

Vacancies to be filled by direct recruitment of non-secretariat cadre of class-II, filling of vacancies of non-technical and technical cadres of class-II of the heads of departments / departments under the state government, self. To provide compassionate employment to the dependents of the employees, to conduct departmental examinations of all the cadres of class-3 of all the departments / heads of departments under the State Government, etc.

Death is a definite event of every life. He who is born dies. Death is a scary thing. The man trembles at the thought of his own death. Fear of death is a very natural phenomenon. We like life no matter what. Must like There is only life to live. Blessed is the man who does not think of death. Even if someone talks about dying, we say, man, don't say that! Even when the elders in their 70's and 80's say that it's time to leave, we tell them not to talk. You are about to be a hundred years old. We also give blessings of Shatam Jiv Sharad: i.e. to live for a hundred years. Would man be satisfied with living? Lived a lot, now many elders are saying that it doesn't matter if God calls. When such words come out, is it to fulfill one's responsibility or to live one's life? Everyone has personal beliefs about death and there is a fear of death.

સિનિયર ક્લાર્ક પરીક્ષા | GSSSB 

કોલ લેટર ડાઉનલોડ લિંક 

કોલ લેટર સૂચનાઓ PDF 

પરિક્ષાની તા. 31-8-2021   

No one likes death. Must not like Is that something to lose? The thing to lose is life. Should we be afraid of it until it comes? Have to come once And that too will be the last time. A man and a lively man die at once, a coward dies every day. Has anyone been able to prevent death? Couldn't stop? So what's so scary about that? Have fun! One thing that is not understood is why a man who is afraid of death does not enjoy life. Why not decide to live a full life? In fact, when a man has the thought of death, he should divert the thought and think of life, I will live happily!

Now another thing, a man who is afraid of his own death listens to the death of another with open ears and reads with wide eyes. Death is a shocking event. Death is a matter of curiosity. Death is already a topic of interest, not just today. If you want to mark, do it. You tell someone that a man died on the road when I was coming. He will immediately ask, what happened? We will talk and listen, even if we have nothing to do with the man who died. Finally, let's get back to the exclamation point, how does it happen? There is little to no death! Scenes of death, as witnessed by some, haunt man for a long time. Despite a million attempts, they do not move from sight.

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