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શિક્ષક સજ્જતા સર્વે | NCERT New Science Std 8 All Units MCQ with Answer

Choosing a stream of subjects for Class 11 and 12 is the first of many big career
decisions you will be making in your life. After having studied a variety of subjects for your entire school career, the time has come to select a specific stream that suits your interests, capabilities and career goals.Even if you haven’t identified any particular career goal so far, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for that.

Selecting a stream is comparatively easier than selecting a career, but making a careful choice is still important as your stream can influence your career.

There are 3 main streams available after Class 10, namely Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts, and each stream has a distinct methodology, choice of subjects and career options. While Science is based on the theory and application of scientific concepts, Commerce is focused on trade and business, and Humanities is based on the liberal arts.

ધોરણ 6 વિજ્ઞાન વિષયવસ્તુ પ્રશ્નો 

ધો.8 ડાઉનલોડ PDF 

The science stream is further into 2 branches, namely medical (PCB) and non-medical (PCM) science stream.The difference between the two lies in the choice of the third subject. While Physics and Chemistry are compulsory for both, the medical stream offers Biology as the 3rd compulsory subject, and the non-medical stream offers Mathematics. English is common to all streams and students can take up any optional subject to meet a total of 5 subjects.

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