Saturday, August 28, 2021

RTE એડમિશન 2021 બીજો રાઉન્ડ | એડમિટ કાર્ડ ડાઉનલોડ

That's all there is to it now. This is one of the most important things you can do for your husband.

It happens to every human being that, at some point in life, there will be peace. There are certain tasks in life, some responsibilities. We don't mind. We live with an idea of ​​the camps, destinations, journeys and destinations of life. Someone has a mountain-like challenge in front of their eyes. It happens to us that after climbing this mountain, I will feel peace on top. As soon as we reach the top of the mountain, other mountains have risen. There is a constant struggle with time and life. Sometimes I feel like fighting with life. There is also no point in struggling with life. 

You cannot win against life, you cannot lose against life. There is a final compromise with life. You have to accept what life is like. If you ask questions about life, it will say that even if you make me happy, I am yours, even if you don't make me happy, I am yours. The best way is to make me like you if I don't like you. It makes sense to tell Zindagi that every day I try to shape you to please you. You barely assume a little shape, but your appearance changes. Zindagi said, I have come and will continue to come! I am unimaginable, uncertain, tough, harsh as well as wonderful and supernatural. You can life by saying love you life but there is no guarantee that life will love you. Sometimes it will crack horizontally, sometimes it will twist its mouth.

ઓફિસિયલ વેબસાઇટ 

RTE એડમિશન 2021 

એડમિટ કાર્ડ ડાઉનલોડ લિંક 

શાળાઓની યાદી  

sometimes it will throw a challenge and sometimes it will do something that you did not imagine in your dreams! No matter what life does, not giving up loving life is the name of the skill of living life! Whatever it is, it is its own!

We all keep trying to set life. This is the story of a young man. Hash happens to be a well-done study. Was in love with a girl. Once a marriage is consummated, a dream will come true. If I get a good job and take a house, then life is set! Even after all this had happened, every day someone was getting an issue. He had an accident while his wife was on her way to work. When I went to pay attention to my wife's treatment, I got a notice from the office that nowadays you have become careless in your work. Whatever was saved was used to treat his wife, so financial problems arose. There was a problem of how to pay the car and house loan installments. He came up with the idea that before all these difficulties, the challenges of completing a study, passing well, getting a good job and having a love marriage were much easier. The young man went to a saint. 

He said to the saint, whatever I do, life is not set. You tell me, what is the setting of life after all? "There is a setting for life," said the saint. The biggest truth of this setting is that life is never going to be a hundred percent set. Life changes the setting every day. We have to set it up every day. Sometimes for a while it seems like, now everything is set! We also experience happiness and peace. Enjoy that time one hundred percent. This is because we have no idea when the set we feel will get upset.

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