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CTET Part 1 बाल विकास एवं शिक्षा शास्त्र PDF | For Paper 1 & 2

Friends, in today's article, we are going to tell you what is CTET exam (What is CTET Exam in Hindi),
what should be the eligibility to give CTET exam (CTET Exam Eligibility) What is the exam pattern of CTET (CTET exam pattern) CTET exam After that, what is the career scope (career scope after ctet exam) and you will get information about many more, so keep reading this article.Friends, the field of education is one such area in which youth can progress a lot. In today's time we are in need of good teachers, a good teacher makes the future of any country bright. To make the future of our country bright, there is a great need of good teachers, that is why today the need of youth is very much in educational institutions.

Primary teachers are very important in educational institutions because this teacher provides the structure and structure of a good education to the children. Today in this article I will tell you about the primary teacher CTET exam conducted by the central government.In this article, we will learn about CTET Exam, it is such an exam through which you are given the qualification to become a teacher, if you have passed this exam, then you can become a primary teacher in schools and private schools under any central government. can apply for.

ctet exam is one such exam through which your eligibility to become a primary teacher is checked. If you want to become a primary teacher, then it is mandatory for you to pass the CTET exam. Through the CTET exam, the practical and mental Gita of the primary teachers is examined.

CTET Book PDF Part .1

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Through this exam you become eligible to teach children from class 1 to class VIII. This examination is conducted at the national level, the recognition of this examination is in every state of our country.

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The main objective of the CTET exam is that they can choose a skill teacher for the children, through this the practical and mental knowledge of the primary teachers is tested.Friends, there are 2 papers for this exam, through the first paper you can teach children from class 1 to class 5, while through the second paper you can teach children from class 6 to class VIII.

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