Wednesday, October 27, 2021

વિદ્યાસહાયક ખાલી જ્ગ્યા વિગત બાબત 2021

Gujarat's TET pass candidates are making continuous representations to the education department for the recruitment

of education assistants. Hardev Wala, Mukeshbhai Thakor, Manoj Pandya VA said on behalf of the TET pass candidates that no recruitment process has been carried out even though the TET pass candidates have already made representations for education recruitment in the education department 42 times.

It was announced by the former Education Minister that the recruitment of Vidyashayak will be done after Diwali 2019 out of which only other mediums have been recruited and Gujarati medium examination was also taken along with the time when other medium examinations were conducted. Thousands of unsuccessful candidates are waiting for recruitment. While Shankarsinh Vaghela was on a visit to Bhavnagar, an application was filed by Tate Pass candidates seeking representation in the government for the recruitment of academic assistants.

In the state of Gujarat, 50 thousand candidates who have passed the TET test for the last 3 years are unemployed. However, academic assistants are not recruited. So far, TET pass has been submitted 41 times by Gujarati medium candidates for recruitment of academic assistants.The education minister had said during the assembly session in March 2021 that 3300 teaching assistants would be recruited soon but this has not been done yet. In this announcement, the Minister of Education announced the recruitment of everything from primary teachers to professors in colleges. Out of which now only the recruitment of education assistant is left. Other recruitments are now over.

વિદ્યાસહાયક ખાલી જ્ગ્યા બાબત 

Hardevbhai Wala, the representative of the candidates, has said that injustice has been done to the Gujarati medium TET pass educated unemployed by leaving only the recruitment of Gujarati medium TET pass candidates at the educational level. Now there are announcements to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the government but none of these candidates are worried. Currently Tate Pass candidates are displaying their presentations on social media platforms.

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