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In this article we will learn about essay writing. What is an essay? What are the main parts of the essay? Why has
essay writing been added to the curriculum? What are the types of essays and in which sections should they be divided while writing them so that they are easy to write? What are the things to keep in mind while writing an essay? When you understand all these questions well, then you will never have any problem in writing any essay.

Many times this question is asked by people that what is an essay after all? And what is the definition of essay? In fact, an essay is a kind of prose composition. which is written sequentially. An essay is a systematic form of the main idea and point of view of any topic. The essay is based on a particular topic. Essay is a powerful medium of communication of information, thoughts or feelings. 

Through essay, a person can be able to communicate his thoughts. Essay writing gives you an opportunity to express your knowledge to others. Writing your mental feelings or thoughts in a concise and controlled manner is called 'essay'. In other words, writing your feelings on a topic in complete sequence is called 'essay'. The word 'essay' is made up of two words - Ni + Bandha. It means well bound creation. That is, a composition that is written thoughtfully, sequentially.

Essay Book Collection 
Generally, the topics of the essay are familiar topics, that is, about which we hear, see and read; Such as – religious festivals, national festivals, different types of problems, weather etc. For successful discussion in all areas of life, we need the best essay writing. Essay can be written on any topic. 
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