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GSSSB Sub Account Sub Auditor Question Paper 2021 |Answer Key

The "Staff Selection Commission" was constituted to carry out the functions assigned to it by the General Administration Department of the Government of Gujarat, Resolution No. KBY-114-1918-C.4

dated 21-7-8. In the resolution No. KBY-114-1918-C.4 of the SWA department dated R-11-17, in order to make the name of this commission, its work, scope of work etc. more specific, in order to make it more "Gujarat Employees ૫ Sandgi Mandal". The name of Gujarat Public Service Commission is non-existent in the state, there cannot be two commissions for the same purpose. The secondary service is called "Sandagi Mandal". This office has the status of the head office of the department.An investor analyzes any company from its financial statements. 

But only the company makes financial statements. So how to know that the company has shown its true income, true liabilities and assets? Because the investors analyzing the company themselves cannot know whether the information written in all the companies is correct or not. It may be that the company is incurring loss but it should show itself in profit. There are so many things companies can do. In such a situation, investors will never get the true data, due to which they will only suffer loss.

The solution to this problem is Audit. Audit is the process in which the financial statements made by the company are actually showing the correct financial position of the company or not. After this investigation, investors are told through a report whether the financial statements of the company are really correct or not. Now you know that Who is the Auditor? Apart from the companies, the person who is registered to audit the companies is called Auditor.

જાહેરાત ક્રમાંક : 189/2019-20 

Question Paper &|Answer Key

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Exam Date : 10-10-2021 

After verifying the financial statements of the company based on the financial position of the companies and other information, the auditor gives his opinion in the form of a report. 

ગૌણ સેવા પસંદગી મંડળ વેબસાઇટ 

Which is called Auditor's Report. Meaning in Hindi Companies combine this Auditor Report with their Annual Report. By reading which the investor can see that the financial statements of the company have been checked by the auditor. 

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