Wednesday, November 3, 2021

ડ્રાઈવિંગ લાયસન્સ સંબધિત 4 સુવિધાઑનો લાભ હવે ઘર આંગણે જ મળશે | Gujarat

Big decision of Gujarat government for the villagers. Benefit of 4 features related to driving license now through

VC. Driving license can be renewed online for Rs .Informing about the decision taken by the Roads and Buildings Department after the cabinet meeting of Gujarat government, Gujarat government spokesperson Jitu Waghan said that 4 services related to driving license have now been provided through Igram Vishwa Gram. The nominal amount will now get 4 benefits at home by the gram panchayat.

Driving license related services now through Egram.Some features related to driving license by the Department of Roads and Vehicle Transactions: Now it has been decided to start eGram World World Gram Through which 1) Duplicate Driving License 2) Renewal Driving License 3) Driving License Information i.e. Abstract as well as Driving Now The Igram of the department will be available to the people through Vishwa Gram Yojana.You no longer need to go to the RTO and take a driving test to get a driving license.

The Ministry of Roads and Transport has changed the rules for driving licenses. As a result, millions of people who are trying to get a driving license but the wait is taking a long time due to the long wait, will not have to wait any longer and will not have to go through the RTO.There is no need to take a driving test for DL. According to the research done in the rules for driving license, you no longer need to go to RTO and give any kind of driving test of any kind. The Ministry of Roads and Transport has notified these rules. And these new rules have been in effect since this month. The new change will bring great relief to millions of people who are on the RTO's waiting list for their driving licenses.

ડ્રાઇવિંગ લાઇસન્સ સમાચાર 

ડાઉનલોડ ઓફિસિયલ PDF 

You have to go to driving school and take training.The ministry has notified the applicants who are awaiting their test at the RTO to get a driving license. They can now register for a driver's license at any accredited driving training school. He has to take training from driving training school and pass the test there. The applicant will be given a certificate from the school. This certificate will become the 

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