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A bill has been passed in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly to increase the amount of stamp duty. Thus from now on

you will have to use Rs 50 stamp instead of Rs 20 stamp for affidavit. Similarly, instead of Rs.50, stamp paper of Rs.100 and Rs. Stamps of 300 should be used instead of 200. In the budget presented by Gujarat Finance Minister Nitin Patel, it was announced that the price of stamps would be increased from Rs 20 to Rs 50. The affidavit of the poor and middle class and the important Rs 20 stamp in the notary will now be available at Rs 50.

On the first day in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Finance Minister Nitin Patel released the budget in which it was decided to increase the stamp duty. This stamp is mostly used for notary and affidavit. Regarding the price hike of Rs 20 stamp, Nitin Patel said that after 19 years, the price of this stamp has been increased. The last stamp of Rs. 20 was issued in the year 2000 but at present the cost of distribution has gone up from Rs. 20 to Rs.

Finance Minister Nitin Patel presented the revised budget for 2019-20 in the Legislative Assembly with some important proposals regarding taxes.Different amounts of stamp duty are levied in different schemes or operations of the government. There is no change in the percentage levied on real estate articles, martyr articles.However, the stamp duty levied on articles has been increased drastically up to 100 per cent, especially in the case of affidavits and notarized articles. The current stamp duty of Rs.

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Now you have to pay stamp duty of Rs 50 instead of Rs 20. Similarly the rate of stamp duty on marriage registration and partnership and adoption letter etc. has been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.200.In addition, the stamp duty rate on all fixed amount articles has been increased from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300. Following these proposals, the state's tax revenue will increase by Rs. 160 crore.

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