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Public 'means * Public'. The word public as an adjective means the whole community to have it for every person

in the community, where the private word refers to a certain class of community "  The public word covers all sections of the community. The word 'public' here means 'government' As far as the community is concerned, Indicates the same class. What is public administration? બાદ After knowing the meaning of the words 'public' and 'administration', we can call public administration government administration. Thus, public administration is only a part of the larger realm of administration, but it is different from 'Private Administration'. 

Its Publicity gives it more importance than private administration. Surprisingly, every political system has existed since ancient times. The most important definitions are as follows. According to Herbert Simon, "public administration in everyday life means the activities of the executive branch of the Shia, state and local government." જાહેર According to Witt Waho, "public administration is the governing body applied to the affairs of the state. There is art and its science. "According to L. D. White," public administration involves all the operations to implement public policy. " According to Woodo Wilson, "public administration is the act of enforcing the law in a detailed and systematic way." According to Picker, 

Public administration includes government functions, then health laboratories. Whether it's running an X-ray machine or printing coins in a mint. " જાહેર According to Luther Gulik, "public administration is a part of the science of administration that deals with government, and primarily with the executive branch where the work of government takes place." Thus, overall, it can be concluded that public administration is an active part of government. This is the aspect of government by which the goals and objectives of the government are achieved. Of the three organs of government - legislative, executive and judicial - administration is considered to be the executive organ, 

જાહેર વહીવટ વિશે માહિતી 

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from one point of view public administration is associated with the three organs of government. The executive organ cannot be limited enough. Ough Willoughby has advocated for public administration as the fourth organ of government. But the most accepted view of all is that public administration should be considered an aspect of the executive branch of government. પ્રયત્ન Attempts have been made to give different names to this discipline, such as 'Public Management', Public Policy, Public Service, Public Affairs. But in all of this, its most traditional and meaningful name, 'public administration', has gained more acceptance.

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