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બી.એડ.એડમિશન 2022 માહિતી

Friends, if you want to become a powerful, successful person in your life, then you will need to do your studies with a powerful course. If you want to make your future in the field of teaching. So you will need

to study with a powerful course like a B.Ed course.If you want to teach or become a teacher, then you can apply for B.Ed course. This course is of 2 years duration. You can do this course only when you have completed your graduation course. Or can be completed after Ded course. After doing B.Ed course, you get a chance to teach students in government or private schools, colleges etc. This study is a course related to the profession. If you also have interest to study and teach, then you can do B.Ed course.

Friends, the full name of BEd is Bachelor of Education. This course gives you strength in the field of study. After doing this course, you can teach students in any government or private school, college etc. It is a 2 year degree course.Eligibility for B.Ed courseTo do B.Ed course, you must have the following qualifications.complete graduation in any subject Minimum 50% marks required in graduation.In some colleges, this percentage can also be 55%, it all depends on the college.How long is the B.Ed course (bed course duration)

BEd course is a 2 year degree course. This can be done from any respective college or university. In this course in two years, you get to know all the information related to teaching like: how the children are taught, how the classes are taken etc.B.Ed course fees (B.Ed. course fees)If you want to do B Ed, then let us tell you that the duration of this course is 2 years. If you do BEd distance then the fee is different for that and if you do regular then it is different for that. The course fee for regular classes is around 50,000-70,000. And the fees are less for those doing distance. If you do BEd by government institutions then you will have to pay less fees. It may vary from state to state, different college and university. Therefore, you can get information by contacting your personal or admission college / university.

Talking about the age limit for doing B.Ed course, then your age should be at least 21 years to do B.Ed course. Must be more than 35 years. In the maximum age, the college/university also gives you a relaxation of 5 years according to your study. In this way you can do B.Ed course till the age of 40.Entrance Exam for B.Ed Course.To do B.Ed course, you need to pass the Entrance Exam. Some of these colleges/universities conduct entrance exams on their own. You can give exams like CAT. Apart from this, different states take examinations at the state level, by which you can get admission in a good college.

બી.એડ.એડમિશન માહિતી 

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First pass 12th: Friends, if you want to become a school teacher or want to become a professor in college, for this you will need to do B.Ed course and you have to pass 12th before doing B.Ed course. Now the question comes from which subject to pass in 12th so that the school can become a teacher / college professor. So after passing 12th, you should choose the same subject which you want to teach the subject like a teacher in school. For example, if you want to teach Physics subject, then for this you have to choose Science subject in 11th. And according to this, after choosing the subject, you have to first pass 12th to do B. Ed course.

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