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મુખ્ય સેવિકા પરીક્ષા બુક | Mukhya sevika Book

It is very important for all breastfed babies to complete the supplemental diet on time for their overall development after completion of 6 months. Therefore, in order to improve the timely onset of upper diet

and to educate mothers about proper upper diet habits, Annaprashan Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of every month between 12 noon and 5 pm at each ANWA center. In which children from 6 months to 6 months and very low weight children from 6 months to 6 months are given child sacrifice to start feeding.

In the scriptures, food is called the life of animals. Only pure, sattvic and nutritious food keeps the body and mind healthy. Only when the diet is pure does the conscience become pure. Therefore, in order to ensure that the child consumes pure and sattvic food for the rest of his life, Annaprashan Sanskar is performed in the sixth or seventh month with a religious ritual.Annaprashan means to make the child bright, brave, brilliant. The rice is cooked in curd, ghee and honey and the child is given the first meal. This is followed by a small amount of easy to digest and energizing food. As the baby gets new teeth, the body needs salts. If the food does not contain the right amount of salt, the child is tempted to eat clay, as the soil contains a lot of salt. Therefore, alkaline food should also be provided to the child in moderation.

On the day of Annaprashan Sanskar, food is cooked sacredly with Vedic chanting. Sacrifices are made to the gods in Yajna. After the Yajna, the father of the child puts prasad-like food in the child's mouth. This sacrament is completed with Brahmabhojan.The digestion of a six- to seven-month-old baby also becomes predominant. At such times the body is bound by the same type of food that the child eats. Human behavior, thoughts, aspirations, etc. depend on food. Food is the natural food of human beings, so food should be considered as an offering to God.

There is a saying in Gujarati that, ‘mind like food’ and ‘belch like food’.A story in the Mahabharata says a lot about the sacraments of food. Grandfather Bhishma was preaching to the Pandavas lying on the bed. At that moment, Draupadi suddenly starts laughing. Asked why Pitamah laughed, Draupadi said, “Pitamah! The essence of deep religion is hidden in your teachings. Listening to you, I remembered the meeting of the Kauravas, in which my clothes were being stripped. I shouted and begged for justice, but a pious man like you was sitting quietly at that time. Why didn't you explain to Duryodhana at that time? It made me laugh. ”

મુખ્ય સેવિકા Book  

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Hearing Draupadi's words, the grandfather spoke seriously, "Son! At that time I was eating Duryodhana's food. Just like the ugly nature of Duryodhana, the same nature was mine at that time by eating his food. But now Arjuna's arrow has shed the blood made from the food of sin and my thoughts have been purified. So at the moment I'm talking about religion. "

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