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CDPO Recruitment 2022 | GPSC

CDPO is a government job. The CDPO officer is appointed by the state government of the country. Which works

on the basis of child development projects in the states of the country, development of children below the age of six years and providing necessary facilities and nutritional items to pregnant women. The main task of the CDPO officer is to take care of the health of small children and pregnant women of the country, to reach all the necessary things to them and to take their health to a good level. Along with this, the CDPO officer also takes care of the nutrition of rural children so that they do not have diseases like malnutrition. 

CDPO officers work to reduce infant mortality rate in India and protect children from many diseases. CDPO Officer Kaise Bane As told to us, the appointment of a CDPO officer is done by the state government. To become a CDPO officer, you have to clear the PCS exam conducted by the state government. If you are successful in this exam then you are appointed to the post of CDPO. But to become a CDPO, some essential qualifications have been determined by the government. We also know what is the essential qualification you should have to become a CDPO. Requirements to become a CDPO If you are willing to become a CDPO officer then for that you have to complete your graduation from any recognized university i.e. you have to complete your graduation. CDPO age limit The age limit for this post has been fixed by the government. 

To become a CDPO officer, the candidate's age should be between 21 to 37 years. If the candidates belong to the reserved category ST/SC, then they are given some relaxation in the age limit. ST/SC category candidates are given an age relaxation of five years. OBC category candidate gets a relaxation of three years. cdpo exam pattern You have to go through examinations to become a CDPO officer. This exam is conducted in three phases out of which two exams are in written form. After clearing both the written test you are called for interview. After clearing all the steps you are appointed to the post of CDPO Officer. Let us understand about these exams one by one. 1. Preliminary Examination To become a CDPO, you have to go through the preliminary exam, this is the first stage of this exam which is in written form. In this 150 questions related to general knowledge are asked to the candidate, you are given two hours to do this exam. 

When you pass this stage then you are called for the second stage. 2. Main Examination After clearing the preliminary examination you are called for the main examination. This exam is also in written form, in which you have 100 marks questions from General Hindi and two question papers of General Studies which are of 300-300 marks. Apart from this, the optional subject is of 300 marks, in which you have to choose any one subject from Home Science, Psychology, Sociology and Labor and Social Welfare. The candidate who is successful in the preliminary examination and main examination is then called for the interview. 3. Interview This is the final stage examination in which the candidates who pass in the first and second stage are called. The last stage is of the interview, in which some questions are asked to you by the big officers, if you answer the questions asked in the interview well, then you are passed in the interview. The candidates who pass all the three stages well are selected by the state government for the post of CDPO. How to prepare for CDPO Friends, what is CDPO, what is  

CDPO Recruitment 2022

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Now we are going to give you some information about its preparation so that you can get some help in the preparation of CDPO. Before you start preparing for any exam, you have to make a goal so that you can prepare for the exam diligently. For CDPO exam, you should first make a time table, in that time table you should take care of all the things like what you have to study and for how long, which subjects to study, how much time you have to study during studies. Take rest etc. First you should study the subject which you find difficult, then later you should study the easy topic Apart from the syllabus of the exam, it is also important to know about the general knowledge, what has happened in your state and country in the recent past. 

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