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TET 2 Useful | Std.8 Hindi Unit's Questions /answer


Are you Asking someone like that, most of the time the answer is the same, that's fine. Is it really fun to say that? What does it mean to be fun? How to define fun, pleasure, happiness or happiness? You can laugh at people who are sad by tickling them, right?
How do people really have fun? How to measure people's fun? How much is the government contributing to the fun you are having right now? Now the last question is, can the government make people happy, happy or unhappy by starting a happiness account? The answer is yes and no. Even if the government makes the people happy, how long will this government happiness last?

Madhya Pradesh is going to be the first state in our country to open a happiness account. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has just announced the launch of this department. It is a good thing. Something new happened. Following the MP, happiness accounts will probably be started in other states as well. The UAE has the only Ministry of Happiness in the world. Only 38-year-old Ohud al-Rumi is in charge of the conservative UAE's happiness ministry. It will be a pleasure to see who will be in charge of such an account and how happy the minister will be. Can the government keep people happy? Yes, can keep. If indeed everything is going smoothly and people are satisfied with the performance of the government. Even if the Ministry of Happiness opens, if all the accounts of the government work properly, people will feel that the government is concerned about us and if anything happens, the government will help us. How many people have that faith? The government does a lot but it doesn't seem to be enough.

 An elder had recently arrived from England. Asked him why? So now I am retired, the government gives me a pension, if I get sick I get the best treatment. What else do you want When the people of our country retire, they feel as if they have not gone to Asia! Older people are even more concerned with death than we are with old age. After retiring, older people gradually become depressed and sometimes even say that it would be better if God's hand came now!Now for the youngsters. The only goal young people have is to get a good job. Education has become job oriented. Getting a job means proving yourself. Jobs have flooded our country with a lot of talent. You have to work to fill your stomach and run the house, it is a waste of creativity. When I went to Switzerland, I met a young girl who was doing hairdressing. When asked about life, he said, "The whole world has to travel and do paintings. I work for six months, 

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Happiness, joy and happiness are also personal events. Our mentality is also a little different than people in other countries. We consider it happiness to have money and earn it! How many really need to feel life? Where does it feel? Every day there is a problem with something. The man's thoughts are tense. Can't do what he wants to do and can't live the way he wants to live. We continue to lament our greatness, our culture, our glorious past and our traditions, and we continue to deceive ourselves. We do not live the same life and do not allow our children to live the same way. It is up to us to decide. We want him to make decisions about his studies, career, job, girl and then his boys by asking us, gradually we make him like us.

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