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Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 2022

Major features of scholarship: Development scholarship is only for students with less income from studying in rural schools. A total of ten (10) scholarships will be given every year. Of 10, at least 5 scholarships will be given to the Kanya. The petition will be able to make students studying in standard 8 in the schools of rural areas of Gujarat whose family's total annual income is less than 1.5 lakh. [For the year 2022-23, an additional 10 scholarships are available for students currently studying in standard 10 and planning to take science stream next year. If selected, these students will be given a scholarship for two years which will be ₹ 30,000/- during standard 11 and ₹ 30,000/- during standard 12. ] Selected students will receive a scholarship of up to ₹ 100,000/- (only one lakh rupees) in a four-year period. [₹ 20,000/- in standard 9, ₹ 20,000/- in standard 10 and if the student continues to study in science stream after standard 10, ₹ 30,000/- in standard 11 and ₹ 30,000/- in standard 12

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions: The applicant should be a student studying in standard 8 in a recognized school in the

rural area of Gujarat. [Students studying in standard 10 only for the year 2022-23 can also apply.] The selection of students for development scholarship will be based on the marks obtained in standard 7, their economic status and screening test, which is taken by the PRL, the marks obtained. [The marks obtained in standard 9 (nine) will be considered for students of standard 10. The rest of the selection process will be the same.] The applicant will have to give a certificate written by the Principal of the school in which it is necessary to show the details of the lower. Whether the student's name and the student are a regular school student. The name of the school that is connected to the educational board. Registration No. of the school board or the Department of Education. Details of the school is government, semi -government or private. School language medium. Whether the school is located in the rural area of Gujarat. The applicant will have to give an example of income in which it should be clearly written that the total annual income of the student's family is not more than one and a half lakhs. 

This example should be given by one of the officers shown below. Valid Officers for income patterns: Tehsildar, Revenue Officer (Mamlatdar), SDM, Taluka Magistrate, Collector, District Magistrate, ADM. That equivalent to them. PR The scholarship will be independent of the evidence provided by the students for the scholarship and if any details are false or the necessary facts are deliberately pressed or ignored, the scholarship prize for that candidate will be withdrawn. The annual renewal of scholarship will be subject to the fact that the student continues his studies in the following year. The students will have to send a copy of the result at the end of each academic year during the scholarship period and they have continued the education and their academic performance is good. 

The scholarship of the scholarship will be continued after standard 10, if this student continues to study in science stream in standard 1. To show this right, the student will have to submit a certificate of the head of the school. The student who received the scholarship has a P.R.L. To tell you that he has received any other scholarship or financial assistance. It is not necessary that a student receiving financial assistance from other sources or other scholarships should be excluded from getting a development scholarship. If any discrepancies in the petition of the student who received the scholarship at any time, the PRL will be noticed if the student's scholarship will be stopped immediately. PRL to make changes without any scholarship rules, selection process or conditions. Is independent.

ચાર વર્ષ માટે 1 લાખ રૂપિયા શિષ્યવૃતિ 

ડોં.વિક્રમ સારાભાઇ શિષ્યવૃતિ 

લાયકાતના ધોરણો અને અન્ય માહિતી 

અરજી કરવાની લિંક 

છેલ્લી તા. 20-01-2023  

Application Process: The applicant will have to register an online form on the PrL Vikas scholarship website. As part of the registration process, the student will have to scan and upload the following documents :: Student photo Evidence of Income: Revenue Certificate (Tehsildar/Revenue Officer (Mamlatdar)/SDM/Taluka Magistrate/Collector/DM/ADM/any equivalent officer. The certificate should have a clear mention of the total annual/year of the family. Standard student certificate from school If the certificate does not include the details of the school's address with the school address and the education board, the applicant will also have to submit a proportional letter of the school head mentioning these details. If there are more than one campus of the school, the address of the campus where the applicant is studying in the certificate or application letter should also be the address of the campus. Marksheet of Standard 

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