Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Gyankunj Selected School list

Laptops, touchscreens per class of grades 7 and 8 in Gyankunj schools Board (Blackboard-like board), Projector, IR camera, Speakers, Mouth 115GB of container will be provided on the speaker, Wi-Fi router and all laptops. Digital panes will come in place of the square on the board itself. The software will come with evaluation of all its subjects. Currently set up in the same classroom. Pen Teaching from touchscreen to digital pens by ... This can be recorded and shown to the children for the second time. An educational video can be viewed on YouTube Live Educational Videos Can be shown from the projector. The projector can be connected to DVD, LiveTv, Laptop, PC. Full HD Result will come. An infrared camera will work as a touchscreen. The screen size can be scaled down. ને Connect one classroom to another, one school to another Can be taught live. Mathematics programs in mathematical science programs very easily Can be taught by Scale measurements, graphs, etc. teach very precisely Can be Much to do with this ....... interest Now the second grade-7-8 school is to be integrated with the Gyankunj project. Interested technology teachers will be able to register in the following link.

The Panchayat Primary School in Meghpur village, one of Patel Chowsei, 20 km from Bhuj, the border town of Kutch district, has been running two steps for the last 20 years. It may be said that 254 students of this village having a population of 2500 are being e-literate. Beginning with only four rooms in 1971, this government primary school has become a modern school with a sixteen-room large campus and computer-equipped after the earthquake. With the help of donors, Kutch was the first Smart Board Primary School in 2015 to be represented at the Innovation Fair by the then Director of Education, Dr. TTS Joshi and Director of the Department of Primary Education. C. Raul suggested implementing this method. There is a lot of inspirational work being done in this government school, equipped with the facilities that are also keeping private schools behind. A team of teachers dedicated to education is constantly working for the progress of the school. School teacher Anilbhai Darji and Principal Mrs. Triptiben Dave and school staff have been contributing to the goal of innovating in education and making the most of every year with the utmost use of the latest technology.
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