It is not to be forgotten, it is not to be forgotten

Let's start with a joke about memory. Had a brother. That said, how often do I think, what happens to thinking English? I did a lot of thinking, tired of thinking, but I couldn't remember, speak up! The science of memory is so obscure, that even science has not yet solved the mysteries of the Hundred Person. Someone's memory is so strong that he remembers the smallest things. The events of years ago can be so perfectly remembered as if they had just happened. There have been so many events in our lives that we wish we could forget about it. However, that is not to be forgotten. What events in your life do you want to forget? Brain memory is something that stays on the desktop as opposed to something. All attempts to forget, despite millions of attempts, fail.

Have you ever wondered, how weird our life would be if we couldn't forget just one thing in life! How many childhood stories are erased? Our family say that if you were young or small, when you were doing or doing this, we are surprised. However, it is not to be forgotten that some events have been engraved on our hearts and minds. Alzheimer's erases our memories. Everyone knows about this disease, but many other illnesses are still a mystery. The book 'Forgotten Girl' has sparked a lot of buzz in Europe. This is a fact. Naomi Jacob, 32, from Britain woke up one day when she forgot all her memories of the last 17 years! He had no idea what had happened in 17 years! Naomi, 32, was only 15 years old. It behaves just like a teenager. Naomi also forgot that she has a ten year old daughter. Psychiatrists say Naomi has a rare illness called dissociative amnesia. One of the causes of this disorder is its own strange life. Naomi was taking drugs. He was raped when he was six. At the age of twenty, her boyfriend tried to kill her by strangling her throat. Naomi has also written another book. His name is 'I walk up in the future'. There is no loss of such mysterious cases of memory. If we listen to everyone, we will be confused.

We know the story of Abhimanyu in the Mahabharata. Abhimanyu was in his mother's stomach only when he learned the art of Chakravyuh. Abhimanyu remembered the times when he was in the womb. Is this possible? This is a puzzle to date. Although famous Spanish artist Salvador Daly wrote in his autobiography, "The Secret Life of Salvador Daly," I do not remember many stories of childhood, but I remember one of my mother's wombs! Not only have we heard cases of memory of some harassed Jain Muni, we have seen it with our eyes and also with our relatives.

Exam season is currently underway. Youngsters are in a tension to remember answers. Here are some tips on how to remember. Someone has to remember to read it more than once and then write it by hand. One thing about it is that everyone has their own techniques to remember. It should be allowed to be remembered in the same way. People who forget are often forgotten because of the pressure of the exam. The tension of exams and hallmarks of the Examination Hall confuses the student. The reflex that can stay with working hard can respond well. Some even freeze. Instead of freezing, it is advisable to remember with understanding. That advice is also true. However, freezing is not easy at all, is it? You have to remember to be frozen till the exam.