Friday, August 23, 2019

How much has life changed in ten years?

Asking who is the centurion, how often and where he has lived, save as a worm in the eye, where you have shed tears. ' Junagadh poet Manoj Khandaria has talked about asking a hundred-year-old about life. How many events and tragedies does life have in common? So much is happening in our lives. Someone comes, someone goes, one goes away after being gone, one goes on forever, whom one considers to be himself, it becomes clear. We are changing ourselves too. It is not even understood that as life progresses, we become more stubborn and stubborn. How many experiences of ups and downs, rajpo and resentment, excitement and sadness, pain and sensation, all in one life? 
Tears are sometimes happy and sometimes sad! The day sometimes looks like night and the night sometimes becomes like day. Sometimes it hurts to sleep, sometimes the light shines. Just read a nice phrase, when you sleep, you forget everything and how much you miss when you don't sleep! When the pages of the previous life are overthrown, some tough, even broken relationships will come alive. Life sometimes asks questions that have no answer. Life sometimes gives answers that have no questions. Even seven weeks of oaths with seven Bhavas are not saved and sometimes an anonymous relationship becomes the basis of the whole story.

In ancient times, elders used to say that every decade in a person's life comes at a time when the ball is falling. Looking at one of the brightest stars, it is said that it is now a decade. I remember one of the elders saying. "Understanding is most needed when your decade is running," he said. You have to know what's right and what's wrong. What is good and what is bad? Who is close and who is far? If you do not have this much sense, then man will eat. One thing to remember is that time is never the same. If we live our good times well, bad times save us.

A friend uploaded her photo today and ten years ago at the Ten Year Challenge. He got the idea, who gave me this photo ten years ago? Remembering that, his eyes became wet. Whoever photographed it was not in this world. A friend's memories swirl. He was satisfied that we were laughing the last time he met. Had fun Had good memories What are your memories of ten years ago? Is there any pain? People who do not recognize the color of life have to spend their whole life with color. Time is running out, life is flowing, life cannot be stopped. It can be certain to live.

Think about how you've been for the past ten years? Who came to life? Who went Even those who are about to leave cannot be stopped. The question is, how did it go? When someone walks away from us, they carry a lot. What does he have for you? How is it? How will this remind you?

 This is the case of a spouse. The two didn't bother with each other. Decided to take a divorce. The husband said, I wish you would not remember me. Together, I say that when you remember, remember well. Maybe we weren't meant to be together. The hand lines are a bit blurred when a hand is released. Even when erased, the swirls sometimes arise.

The world of social media can sometimes make us think. The old memories are refreshed and brought to the fore. You uploaded this one or two years ago. Sometimes it happens that even if you don't remember, it reminds you! Our past draws with us. Based on what has happened in the last ten years, we also need to think, how much or why was I responsible for everything that happened? What error could have been corrected? Where could I have played my role better? Just think, what do I want to do for the next ten years? Need to make complaints? 

To make allegations that live life to the fullest? Every event adds something to life. Whatever ten years have gone by, decide how to live the next ten years. There is no need to think too much to live, just have to live. In a way that is fun to live. Every moment seems alive. Never mind Very easy, if we let life be easy!
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