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What are the ways in which man shows his affection for man?

What are the ways in which man shows his affection for man? Lots! The practices of every country and every society are different. The best way is to respect the way we feel in ourselves. We shake hands when someone is found. How much frustration does it take to get a hand? Kiss is also considered a noble symbol of respect. Someone says hello. Somewhere Zuki is respected. In some countries there is a tradition of hugging, hugging or even having a bath. The hug is not just a touch of two bodies, but a union of two souls. A sense of contentment is felt when we hug someone close to us. We don't all hug, but there are some relationships that seem incomplete without a hug.

Tomorrow is January 21st, hugging day. One day is also celebrated as Hug Day at Valentines Week. However, this hugging day is different. Thus, this day is America's gift. Although we think America is a forward country, there are people who do not hug and meet in the open. Kevin Zorby started celebrating Hugging Day with Cleo of Michigan State in the United States in 1986 to increase intimacy among people. In this world, the world has become popularized. Some countries also observe the holiday on this day. The only reason is, there are huge benefits to hugging. There have been heaps of surveys and research that prove that hugs are beneficial for a happy life and good health. Hugs don't just have to look at a boy and a girl with a hug. 
Of course, that is also important. Spouses who hug each other while going to work have a happy couple's life. In our society, we find that even if husbands and wives want to hug, they cannot. Elders may also say, "What is this? Love is like you do! Hugs do not break the limits. One study also says that spouses who are regular hugs also have a better couple's lives. Children also see how to live with their life partner. For a child, a hug with a mother and father is a blessing. Researcher Jay Gordon, who writes the book 'Brighter Baby', writes that a mother's embrace makes a child smart and sensitive. Studies on it indicate that the baby that her mother kept away from herself was weak. As much as a baby needs breast milk, food and water, mother and father's hugs are just as important. When we grow up there, the baby starts to fall down. When was the last time you hugged your father or mother? Many offspring cannot express their love for their parents. If those people are hugging, the heat of both of them is enough. The habit of hugging even in the sibelings does not allow one another's feelings to fade. We have the custom of hugging in many families there. Something seems incomplete until the hug does. A lot of the displeasure goes away when a man hugs.

Hugs release oxytocin chemicals into the body. It creates a feeling of happiness. Stress is removed. Hug types are also provided. Some countries are hugged later, which means that I am with you in all circumstances. Chig hugs are also made to show sartorial distances, to show intimacy. Side-to-side hugs show intimacy with just the shoulders or waist. Intimate relationship reflects in tight hugs. When meeting a sick relative, it is advisable to hug. 

This will cure the sick person soon. There is also a lot of discussion about the duration of the hug. The general has a hug of 15 to 21 seconds. However, then it depends on how close the person is and how often they meet each other. Great views of the embrace at the airport, train station and bus station. Virah and Milan are spoken to when someone is different and someone is meeting. The eyes also explain a lot.

One thing in common with all of this is, don't hug if you don't have the mind. Now people are starting to play hag too. People who have no feelings, nothing left to provide for each other, are often met in a way that makes us feel good. What your hug is like and how the donor is behind it is very useful to the hug recipient. A hug that does not relax, a hug that does not give a vibrating heart, and a hug that does not feel relaxed at all, is a kind of deception. 

The sattvic hug is always simple, intuitive, and calming. By the way, how do you meet the loved one you are? Hug it wholeheartedly, it has the strength of sound. Touch language is very talkative!
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