Friday, September 20, 2019

Driver without a seat belt section fined Rs 500

During the police check-up, a driver of Surat Muni was fined 500 rupees for not wearing a seat Best during a police check. The driver of the corpse, who was found guilty of negligence, was the subject of discussion in Munich for the first time. However, time will tell when action will be taken against several municipal tractors violating traffic rules.

Since September 16, the Motor Vehicle Act has been strictly enforced by the police. Surat Police Commissioner's office was checking against traffic violation in the Vulcanis area today when a truck belonging to the Municipality's pressure department passed. The driver of the municipality was driving the truck without wearing a seat belt, as was the truck in the pressure department.

He was not wearing a seat belt when police stopped a truck from the Municipal Pressure Department. However, he was wearing a belt when police stopped the truck. Police fined the driver of the municipality Rs 500 for driving without a seat belt.

The truck has received the first memo from the municipal pressure department. However, there are a number of vehicles that do not have a number plate behind the tractor trailer on the contract in the municipal waste transport and other operations. It will show the time when action will be taken against such vehicles after the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act.
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