Thursday, September 19, 2019

The strangest village in the world, people live here underground

When people make their home, they choose a place where the light will shine. People choose the place where the sun shines, the air is there. But today you will find out about a village where people live underground.

People who know about this village are amazed. The village is located in southern Australia and its name is Kuber Pedi. People here live in an underground house. But that doesn't mean they won't get any facilities. Here people get all the amenities that other people get in their own homes The house looks normal from the outside but inside it looks like a hotel. Here is the mine of Opal which is a milky precious stone. Here people live in the empty mine of Opal. There are more than 1,500 homes below ground level. Mining work in Kubera Paddy began in 1915. This is a desert area so the temperature here is very high during the heat days. To avoid this problem and the environment, people are moving to an empty mine after mining.
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's seven-zone engineer department teams have been rushing for the last three days. Authorities have claimed that the potholes on the road, which is estimated to have been completed on Monday, have been completed by Monday, at an estimated 1.5 square meters of road. In the western zone, the maximum number of pits was 5,3.

In the city, in the last 6 hours, 3 kilns were turned on and 5 laborers were provided with the help of a modern jet pitcher machine. Following the municipal commissioner's directive on public complaints and widespread public outcry over the broken road issue in Ahmedabad, officials who have awakened Safa have begun rampant efforts to prevent the day-to-day road patchwork from being punished.

In the last three days, the city has made it safe for the carriers by replying to the pits in the north zone, 5 in the south zone, 5 in the east zone, 5 in the central zone, 5 in the northwest zone and 5 in the southwest zone.

Navratri and then it is against the Diwali festivals. So, according to the status of the megacity, Ahmedabad has been undertaken on the basis of war road refreshment in order to remain viable. Every year, billions of rupees are collected from the citizens for taxation.
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