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Collection of inspirational events PDF

Speech becomes effective if one of the motivating occasions is to give a speech or present at a program. Such motivating occasions are very useful for the teacher. A PDF file of up to 6 motivational occasions for classroom training as well as various events has been put here. Published by Lokniketan Ratanpur.
Gandhiji's life was as innocent, simple and innocent as his children's. No one seemed to think that they were Mahatma when they were sitting or moving around with their children. The burden of the complex questions of the nation and the world has always been at their peak, yet they seemed to be happy and cheerful in the presence of the children. Gandhiji had a special rule for going out in the evening. Gandhiji would not let go of the opportunity to have fun with those children. 

As usual Gandhiji was going out once in the evening. With them a woman was carrying her little baby in her arms. Along with his other child was also walking behind. As the baby walked, the baby in her arms began to cry. The woman tried all her mother's arms to keep her baby but the baby didn't stop crying! So Gandhi's attention turned to him. Handing over his stick to another resident, Gandhiji took the child from his mother. On the soft cheeks of the child, Gandhi switched his hand away and smiled at the child with a loving eye. The child became calm and smiled as he looked at Gandhiji's eyes as if answering Gandhiji's chanting. Seeing such a quality of motherhood, the woman was looking at Gandhiji in astonishment. Another baby running behind came to Gandhiji and grabbed one of Gandhiji's hands and pulled her there. The baby approached the flowers and said: 'Father! What a beautiful flower these are! '

 Gandhi: 'Yes, there are many beautiful flowers.'
Gandhi's autobiography, "The Experiment of Truth," states that Mahatma Gandhi was very shy in his childhood. Don't have to talk to.

2. According to the news, Mahatma Gandhi's best friend was a Muslim in high school. As well as his head master Parsi. His school was built by a nawab. In this way, Gandhiji's childhood passed between many religions and his influence on his life.

3. Mahatma Gandhi also traveled on the Dandi Yatra. While studying law in England, she had to walk 8 to 10 kilometers daily. It is said that this did not make Gandhiji such a difficult journey.
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