Thursday, October 3, 2019

Model paper No.19 for Bin Sachivalay Clerk Exam

The Bin Sachivalay clerk exam is set to take place on October 20, and this model paper will be very useful to the candidates preparing for the exam.The state police recruitment board has postponed the examination of the locksmith force. Anti-social leaking papers have been canceled.

About 9 lakh students from across the state were to take the exam. Due to the rude administration of the State Police Recruitment Board, the examination has been forced to be canceled due to the burst of paper. This has harassed 9 lakh students in 29 cities across the state.State Police Recruitment Board Chairman Vikas Swaroop made the announcement saying that the examination would be retaken in a few months. 

The exam has been forced to be canceled due to the burst of paper in Palanpur. The development form could not provide any clear explanation on this. He apologized to the examiners.

The candidates who have canceled the Lok Sabha polls have been shocked and filed a protest against the government by slogans. The exam was to be held at 2,440 centers in 29 districts. Examination was canceled as paper responses were leaked.The state's embarrassing event came up. Announces the cancellation of the examination at the Examination Center with a loud speaker in Surat. The police chief issued security orders in all districts. CM Rupani ordered an inquiry into the paper leak in Bin Sachivalay clerk case of an unforeseen incident. The Home Department will investigate the matter. The next time the exam is held, the ST bus fare will be paid by the government. School administrators involved in the examination proceedings Bin Sachivalay clerkdemanded remuneration.
A woman staying with an officer of the locksmith recruitment board has been accused of leaking papers. The woman is now detained and interrogated
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