Tuesday, December 24, 2019

GSET Exam December 2019 Hall ticket Download

UGC-Net Examination pattern changed: Paper-1 will be one hour Paper no. There are 2 compulsory questions to collect and 2: Paper no. New Delhi, April 3: In response to the questions asked in the Lok Sabha, HRD Minister Satyapal Singh of Rajya Sabha changed the UGC-NET examination by admitting that Kannada was Lucky. The Net Review Committee suggested changes to the examination method and the candidate's age limit. The first two papers will be of the same kind as the Objective Kannada. The first paper of the General Awareness shall consist of five compulsory questions (the only two marks in each question). 

Paper no. Candidate Lucky candidate will get choice for 2 out of 5 questions. The current hour will be reduced to one hour. Paper no. The mark of 1 will be 1. 
Paper no. Combine R and 2 together with paper no. There are several mandatory Objective Questions that everyone has a mark on. The duration of the paper will be two hours. In addition, the maximum age to be eligible for JRF will be increased by several years. That is, it will be 5 to 6 years. It was written in response to the schedule cast, Schedule Tribe, handicapped and other backward castes and women in non-creamylayers who will be given a five-year concession at the Kannidai Lakki age.
UGC Free entry into the net exam training. SC, ST, OBC at Saurashtra University And free UGC for minority students. Classes for Net / Slate General Paper No. 1 will begin on 1/12. With a Masters, M.Phil, Ph.D. No students will be able to join. Those wishing to enter 30/11
By UGC Net Coaching Center, CCDC104 Academic Center, 1st Floor, All. Univ. Contacting at Campus. Students studying in the postgraduate buildings of Saurashtra University find success in net / slate exams and more than 100 students and students of the state are required to become UGCs. Organized National Eligibility Test (NET) and State Government's MS. UGC to train under the new structure in the University Organized State Eligibility Test (GSAT) Through the Net / Slate Coaching Center, Saurashtra University periodically provides CCDC. It is planned to provide free training in 'Extra Working Hours' through Paper-1 and various postgraduate courses as subject.
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