Thursday, January 23, 2020

January Current Affairs PDF By ICE Institute- Part-2

The five-day festival of Diwali flows into the room, and the tulsi marriage of Kartiki eleven is celebrated. On the occasion of marriage, caste is seen by the caste. The custom of picking one of these is very well known in Gujarat and in Saurashtra. Marriage is established in marriage but what is it? Sisters who perform rituals rarely know why they are founded. Today I have an approach to highlighting this interesting topic.

The word engraving is derived from the Sanskrit passion (heap). That means a pile of garbage tails. Shrink Garbage Dining Genital mutilation by women outside the home on weddings and weddings. Shri Bhagwati Prasad Pandya notes that Ucrari is considered a goddess of the street, as are the deities of the house, farm and field. It protects all who live on the street. On the occasion of the wedding, some place was used at the end of the house to dispose of delicious food items and other waste. There, digging a pit and putting a small kuldi in it, housed a goddess named 'Uchsho Bhojini'. According to some, the goddess is considered to be an abusive goddess, so she is dug and buried. At the end of the marriage ceremony, the goddess was dissolved in the cellar. This is a goddess like Mahola Mata who destroys widows. Therefore, in some places, a trident is installed in the trunk instead of the cucumber, which may be to show the margin.
In Kathiawad, the custom of marrying on the occasion of marriage is high and popular everywhere. The rituals are nowhere to be seen in the Scriptures, but the rituals have been added by women, like chalk raising, passe filling, backside, etc.! This ritual seems to have been decided exclusively by women, as only women participate. Shri Khodidas Parmar notes that neither the male nor the gurmaraj have any place in it.
The Bhagavadogomandal interprets the engraving as follows. A bad goddess, a witch. Establishment of this goddess is done at some point away from home in the course of marriage etc. It is said to have been plucked. The burial of the puppet means that on the eve of marrying, on the eve of the marriage, the mule will have to be buried in the coffin or cellar. In this way the Mela deities are transported and installed. To defraud (1) to invoke the deity. To please the goddess. (2) Sprinkle water on paprika, puri, betel nut and penny in front of singing cows in marriage. When the milkman buys it, he must act as if it were a jerk. Comparisons have been compared to the progeny of a daughter. “Do not take a daughter from a grown-up.” The price is meant to be age-matched, eligible to marry.
Here is a legend as to why the dumpling was installed on the street. Many years ago the son of a cultured Brahmin from Saurashtra used to come back from Kashi. A village came into the vat. As he was thirsty, the well went to drink water. The bride got water by saying that she was a Brahmin. The brahmin son lost his interest in drinking water. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the girl was of a descending description. The Brahmin son says, "But only then will he be a lifetime potter." The elders went to Namkar. The Brahmins and the bride fell at the well. As a result, the two went into exile. Then when someone's life got near the well, they started harassing the Jainis by making them widows. Then all together asked for a solution. Then the spirits said: 'We want to see marriage. Have a wedding. Show us the marriage, then you will not marry you. '
The Brahmins all gathered. The odds were high. He thought that if a Brahmin should be taken to Mandawe, how should a low caste bride be taken to Mandeway? It was then concluded that the Brahmin son should be placed as a rude stone to be placed over the area of ​​the Bhati area. Dispose of the croquet of the crocodile. Because of his wrongdoing, Varkanya instead of worshiping him, rubbed his toe and realized his wrong karma. When the water-drinker did not bring the low-lying bride to a halt, she laid it on the nose of the street. After the marriage is over, the bridegroom brings the unicorn to the picking up and holds a rice pavilion.
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