Saturday, February 15, 2020

English Units Questions Mobile application- Standard 6 to 8

One of the reasons for our suffering is when we cannot give up what we have to give up. We also hold on to what we do not have. Everyone has a time. Each one has an end. Nothing is permanent. We all know this, but why is there nothing left of us? One of the main reasons for this is emotional attachment. We have a clue. We have a habit. When a person we have an affair with, it creates a lack. We have become accustomed to things or equipment too. We feel pain when something we love breaks down. When the hand of a loved one is touched, it hurts.

The biggest pains, the most pains, the most pains, the most sad and most lonely are caused by relationships. That's what a lover said. He said that one of the biggest tragedies of life is not getting the person you love. Life gets blurred when the inclination is blurred. We keep saying and hearing that nothing stops without one. Yes, nothing stops without anyone, but without a person, a lot of things go awry. Not stopping, but the pace slows down. It doesn't even make sense to speed up. Who to do? Why do? Was a lover and sweetheart. There was a lot of attachment between the two. For some reason the two were not able to marry. The boy finally decided, let's say now that it is not possible to live with him. Met his girlfriend Even sweetheart knew that marriage was not going to be possible. This was the last visit. All the talk is done. Finally the lover asked, now I go? His eyes were wet. Sweetheart said, No sit for a while! There is a tear in the eye, a mouth is covered, don't go that way! Go laugh We're doing pretty well. I don't want to see you go this way for the last time! The lover said that sometimes I feel like, if we had never met, it would have been better! It would not have been such a pain! If you do not dream, then if you do not dream, then suffering will definitely happen, more pain than that which is gone.

Love, things, relationships, cities, and so much more, sometimes we have to give up even if we don't want to. Sometimes it is released. Often, it is not just the matter of our hands. Right before our eyes, our Armaan ship is sinking and we have to keep watching as a silent spectator. We get hurt when we don't get what we want. It is not necessary to have everything in life. It is not even possible. Something's got to be loose. We are running away. There is no end to our desires.

Was a monk. Leaving the village, he built a cottage in the forest. In his own mind he lived comfortably. Gradually the monk's popularity began to grow. People from the village came to meet him, talk to him, consult him and visit him. The monk should speak lovingly to all. Seeing the monk's hut, people began to say, 'Make you a nice house here. Somehow it left the car. The freshness increased day by day. All the devotees saw one morning and found that the monk was missing! It does not matter. The monk did not carry anything with him. Despite much scrutiny, the monk did not notice. A long time passed A village man walks away into the jungle. In the forest he saw a cottage. Looking at the cottage, the monk was sitting comfortably. The monk approached and asked, "Are you here?" The monk answered with great affection, that I had left the village and went to the forest only to live in my mind. People started coming to the forest. Slowly the equipment began to talk. They would have built a great monastery there. Perhaps I am fascinated to see all this! I didn't want anything, so I came here without telling anyone. You don't even tell anyone I'm here.
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