Friday, April 10, 2020

Locked-in fire at crematoriums in Ahmedabad falls by 50 percent

There are now a total of 21 small and large cemeteries in Ahmedabad. Powered by Blogger. However, the death toll in the lockdown is lower than normal days. Insisting on hygiene at home as well as taking care of health care, the death toll may have dropped. Under these circumstances, the number of cremation grounds for different crematoriums in different cities of the city seems to have dropped by almost 50% in the last few days. On the other hand, some people are also likely to use the old cemeteries at the local level.

The first 15 to 17 fire crews are now 5 Vadaj Cemetery Home: Earlier, 15 to 17 Parthivas used to come for the funeral. Now only 4-5 Parthivdhams come to the cremation ground. VS Hospital Cemetery: Earlier, 7 to 8 earthworms came daily for the funeral rites. Today, two days later, the dead body comes to the cremation ground. Jamalpur crematorium: In the normal days, about 20 earthly bodies were visited every day for the funeral which is only 4-5 today. Hatkeshwar Cemetery: About seven to eight Parthivas came here every day for a fire cremation, instead of 5 to 6 Parthivas come here today for fire cremation. Thaltej Cemetery: In the ordinary days where around 9 to 11 earthly bodies came daily for the funeral procession, today there are 7 to 8 earthworms daily for the funeral rites. 

Dudheshwar Cemetery Home: Earlier, there were 4 funerals every day. The number of burial rites in the cemetery also dropped An investigation into the city's different cemeteries revealed that the death toll was lower than normal days in the last 15 days. There was no significant increase in the different cemeteries except the bodies of elderly men who have been ill for a long time, a cemetery employee said. Corona's dead will be taken to the vessel The deserted cemetery at Vasana Barrage is considered as an idyll for the corpses of a corona infected person. According to information obtained by the sources, arrangements have been made for the Parthivdeh of Hindus to be given a fire cremation in this CNG furnace cemetery.
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