Friday, April 10, 2020

Social media usage has grown tremendously these days

A 21-day lockdown is applicable across the country due to the Corona virus, in which people are at home. Social media usage has grown tremendously these days, with Corona vice-related fax messages and information being uploaded and shared across social media platforms.The government's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked Facebook, Hello and Ticketalk to remove a post that is misleading and misleading.According to the Indian government this post weakens the campaign being run by Corona. The social media platform has been asked to create a list of people spreading false information and preserving it.

The data must be shared with the investigating agencies as needed. This step taken by the government will give people access to accurate and accurate information about the corona virus.The government said videos and audio clips were being uploaded on social media platforms such as Ticketalk, acebook and Hello, spreading a large number of false information.Due to these videos and audio, there is also the danger of spreading fear and other online harm to people. The Government of India has issued its directive following the report of Voyager Infosec, an open-source intelligence and fast-checking firm.Voyager Infosec reports that such videos are being posted on social media platforms to influence Muslims. The report also states that the video is later shared on WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The report, which was handed over to the Indian Cyber ​​Cry Coordination Center, claims that more than 30,000 videos have been analyzed in five days. The report also claimed that the account was originally closed after it was shared on the social media platform.
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