Sunday, June 7, 2020

Study from Home Materials std.7 by GCERT

We constantly compare ourselves to someone. Who do we often
compare ourselves to? Only those who are close to us! We keep comparing ourselves with our relatives, our friends, our colleagues and our neighbors! She has a big house. She has a better car than I do. How many of us think I have enough, right? If we think from a microscopic point of view, we have to be happy and happy. This is the story of a lover-lover. Both were childhood friends. Grew up together. Came to college. College completed. Both got good jobs. The company where the lover worked gave him a two-room hall kitchen flat. He was always jealous of his seniors. I am smarter than senior. The company has given bungalows to those people. The car is given. 

That said, I work harder than my seniors. I am waiting to get a bungalow. The girlfriend told him, don't compare yourself with anyone! The rest is up to the bungalow! You remember when we were in college you used to say to me, just get a good job and a small flat! Our Life Set. That's all you got right now. Think, is your life set? If not set, why not? Your life is set, you just aren't ready to believe. You work Work hard. You have to get a promotion and a bungalow. Tell me so, are you happy? Enjoy the first one now! Even if such a resident gets a bungalow, I will be jealous that you will be senior to me and will want a bungalow with a farmhouse! Ambition is necessary in life, but our ambition should not hinder our happiness! We even had fun on the bike. Now you have a car, but it's not fun, because you think the car is small! Remember one thing, happiness is not small or big, it is just what we believe. Don't underestimate your happiness! If I believe this, your happiness will always seem small to you!

Man is now beginning to feel miserable by assuming others to be happy. When we see someone's photos on Instagram, we start believing that they are happy. If someone gets a little more likes, we think it's more popular. When we see someone having fun, we even think that they are lucky. You know, how lucky are you? We don't know, because we don't understand enough what we have! The one who feels incomplete never has to feel anything sweet! You are happy if you have your person. You are happy if someone is waiting for you at home. You are happy if you get a good night's sleep. It doesn't matter what is on the plate, it does matter how sweet the swallow feels. There was a king. Happiness was at its feet. It just so happens that the king in my neighborhood is richer. Its kingdom is also large. When can I do that? In such thoughts he could not sleep at night. One night he could not sleep so he got on his horse and went for a walk in the forest. A fakir was fast asleep in a hut. It happened to the king that even though he has nothing, how comfortable this man is sleeping. The morning came and the fakir woke up. He saw the king and welcomed him. The king asked, Why can you sleep so comfortably? The fakir said instinctively, "Because I don't care what other fakirs living in this forest have more than me!" The king found a reason for sleep and happiness. If you enjoy what you have, you will find enough reasons for happiness. Find happiness inside, not outside. If you look outside, you will never reach the end, if you look inside, you will find happiness very quickly. Very little is needed to survive. That's all we have. You are the happiest man in the world, if you are willing to believe that!
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