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UGC Net Exam Paper 2019 | commerce December 2019 | PDF

Sometimes we are the only ones who are questioned about our life! What do i do Is it fair that I do? What did i have to do What was assumed and what happened? We don't get answers just about
ourselves. We mentally decide that this is what we have to do now! It doesn't last long either! We begin to feel guilty in life. Many of us are interfering in our lives. You have to do this. You don't have to do that. Someone is also saying that you are not sincere towards life! We don't understand where we go wrong! This is the story of a boyfriend and girlfriend. Both have a lot of feelings for each other. The lover keeps telling the lover, you do this. Don't waste too much time with friends and on the phone. 

Focus on your goal. It is also true that the lover believes as much as he can. Not once lived with a lover. He said, don't talk to me about everything! Hearing this, the girlfriend got agitated! So do what you want to do now! Is your life What do i have I say for your good! I won't tell you anything now! Do as you wish! Where do you believe someone! This happens in everyone's life!

We also often say that you have a life, do as you please. Why are we doing this? It is also because our life is connected with Annie's life. We care about that. Love also brings with it a little anxiety. There is a fine line between anxiety and domination. We also begin to assert rights in the name of concern. He does exactly what we say. We just want to talk to her. We also start controlling the activity on social media. What puts such photos? Why did you write that?

No matter how close a person is, no one tolerates more than one chinchupat. There should be freedom in intimacy. Man’s life has become more open. Now man does not live only between four walls. Technology has made our lives miserable. Everyone has to express their thoughts. Everyone has their own opinion. It can be true or false, it can be good or bad! In today's relationship man has to accept his opinions, his beliefs and his mentality.

We sometimes say that now I will do what I think is right! After all, it's my life! There was a general quarrel between a couple. The husband said angrily, "I don't want to listen to anyone anymore, I want to live my life." It's my life! The wife approached Halvek, took him by the hand and said, "This is how you say, you are my life!" Then why does your life happen to you alone? Don't kill me The wife said, when there is love, life does not belong to anyone, it also belongs to each other! Don't you worry about me If something happens, how many times do you ask why? Then why doesn't it happen that Annie has a life. Enjoy! That can't happen!

Relationships need to be understood because we are not alone, we are connected. We are attached! Who are you worried about? If you have someone's worries, someone's worries, someone's worries, they have to have your worries too. Not all those who do our degree are encroaching on our life. Their souls are connected with our souls. Sometimes we just want someone to ask us what we are doing! Even if our person stops asking us, we still feel like we don't care! Understanding relationships requires understanding nature, dialogue, and empathy. Where there is affection, everything is opposite!
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