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Under the Department of Education, from the year 2010, the quality improvement program of primary education, quality education work for the children, meritocracy program has been implemented for the purpose of preparing the teachers in their own way. In the self-assessment booklet filled by the teachers under this program, they show the priority for what kind of subject they need. The self-assessment booklet covers the following topics for training. Pedagogical Training: This field covers topics such as teaching and learning process, classroom behavior, integration of contract age group in education etc. Content Readiness Training: This field involves the preparation of study materials for all literate subjects. Vocational Readiness Training: Attitude Making, Positive Thinking, Motivation, Coordination and Management, Team Building, Time Management, Leadership, Interpersonal Relations, Stress Management, Creative Thinking, Behavior Training, Communication, Computer Skills, School Management , 

Life Skill, Documentation-Report Writing, Child Psychology / Society of Child Psychology etc. Programs implemented under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to improve the quality of primary education and through it the educational attainment of children. For the purpose of improving the quality of primary education under SSA and thereby improving the educational attainment of children.

Let's start with a very true story. A couple was engaged. Within days, the girl told her parents that she wanted to end her engagement. The parents asked the reason. "My fianc asks me to change my surname after marriage, which I don't approve of," the girl said. Parents said, in such a small talk with us, nothing can break the engagement? The girl said, "I have been known by our surname for so many years. Today is my identity. No one can force me if I don't change my surname. The boy also insisted that the surname must be changed. The engagement was eventually forked.

Kareena Kapoor has a dialogue in the film 'Three Idiots'. In the film, Aamir Khan's name is Ranchoddas Chanchad. Kareena says, flea? Yak! I will not change my surname after marriage. At the end of the film, when the truth comes out and it is found out that Aamir's name is not Ranchoddas Chanchad but Fung Shuk Wangdu, Kareena also says, Wangdu? He also objected to Vagandu! It can also be said in a slightly different way that Kareena was more fond of her surname Sahastrabuddha. Many girls do not like to change their surname after marriage.

In Japan, it is mandatory for husband and wife to have the same surname. Now this law is about to change. A survey was conducted in Japan. In which it was asked, should the wife keep the surname of the husband after marriage or not? 70.6 per cent said, "We have no problem if my life partner's surname is different." Even if the wife wants to keep Pierre's surname. When Japanese Prime Minister Yoshinda Suga spoke of changing the law after the survey, his own party was outraged. He said that if the husband and wife have different surnames, it will affect the unity of the family! We don't do such surveys there. After we get married there the wife instinctively accepts the husband's name and surname behind her own name.

Everyone in our country has the unfettered right to choose a name. Advocate Bhaskarabhai Tanna says that there is no law for a wife to keep her husband's surname. No one can legally stop her from using Pierre's surname if she wants to. Even if you don't like the name, everyone is allowed to change it and choose to have the father's name or mother's name behind them. The procedure to change the name has to be followed.

Many girls keep Pierre's surname after marriage. Some even use the surnames of both Pierre and Sasaria. We often adopt the husband's surname after marriage because the proof of identity is not lost. Marriage certificate has to be given in documents for government and banking works. Many issues arise because of names in documents ranging from ration cards to passports.

The advantages and disadvantages of surnames are also seen. Especially in politics, surnames are used tactfully. Late. Although Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was the first Prime Minister of the country, her father Nehru chose to use her husband's surname Gandhi instead of Nehru's surname. Priyanka still refers to herself not as Vadra but as Gandhi. Politicians have used the surname mother or nanny not only there but also in many other countries including Pakistan. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan late. Benazir Bhutto was married to Asif Ali Zardari. His son Bilawal does not use his father's surname but his mother's surname Bhutto. Naturally, he is going to benefit from that surname. Even in Bollywood, most of the heroines continue their old surname after marriage. Many heroines, including Kareena Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit, write double surnames for themselves and their husbands.

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