Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Eligibility for Teacher Recruitment in Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools

After the state government allowed the opening of private schools in Gujarat, wide-ranging

haats were opened in the name of self-financed education across the state to recruit unpaid teachers on short pay. In Tewa, the Central Government was given two years to qualify unqualified teachers. Whose term is about to expire. At that time, 385 private secondary and primary schools in Jamnagar district were informed through the Taluka Primary Education Officer's Office and District Education Officer's Office on the basis of a circular at that time.

According to the information received, if we talk about Jamnagar district, after the state government gave permission to open a private school, there are currently 223 private primary schools in Jamnagar district. In which Jamnagar city has the highest 111 std. There are 1 to 8 schools and 72 secondary and higher secondary schools like 72, 32 secondary schools in rural Jamnagar. 28 primary schools and 11 higher secondary schools in Dhrol, 8 primary schools in Jodia, 4 secondary schools, 32 primary schools and 15 secondary schools in Kalawad, 25 primary schools and 16 secondary schools in Lalpur and 20 primary schools and 11 private secondary schools in Jamjodhpur. Has been.

It has come out that no action has been taken in such schools except in the case of invalid teachers reported by the education department. Meanwhile, according to sources in the Jamnagar education department, all the private school administrators were informed after the circular two years ago on the issue of teacher qualifications and it has been claimed that unqualified teachers in the wrong part of private schools have obtained degrees and there is still no guardian in the case of unqualified teachers. No one else's complaint was raised. Then any complaint can be lodged with the Primary Education Department of Jamnagar District Panchayat as well as before the Taluka Primary Education Officer at the taluka level. That is what the sources said at the end.

In addition, many private school teachers did not have sufficient qualifications to become teachers, but they did teach students. Meanwhile, a program was launched by the central government to qualify unqualified teachers in schools. In which the teacher had to register and pass the examination and get the qualification.

Teachers were also given a period of two years to obtain this qualification and during this period it was threatened that they would be fired if the teacher did not qualify. The term was given to the teachers till 31st March 2019 and in the meantime

Heaps of state teachers who did not have qualifications. He applied for the qualification and passed the exam. However, there are many teachers at present who did not pay attention to the government's plan and did not take the exam despite not being qualified. It was decided to expel such teachers from the school after March 31, 2019.

Although it has been 10 months since the deadline for qualification, not a single unqualified teacher has been removed. The issue is set to be addressed in the coming days. In which it is planned to penalize the school for unqualified teacher. If the government brings such a teacher home, it may be the turn of thousands of teachers in the state to sit at home.

Currently many schools in the state are being taught by unqualified teachers. An unqualified teacher has not been qualified even though he has been given a deadline to do so. On the other hand, the schools have also hired such teachers, following which the education department will investigate such teachers in the coming days as part of the proceedings and a proposal has been made to impose a fine of Rs one lakh per teacher in the school where such teacher is on duty.

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