Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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There is a nice funny saying in English. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every black cloud has a silver core. Nothing ends as long as the breath lasts. In this Corona era, studies are now being done on what the next Corona environment will be like. The world's psychiatrists have come to the noble conclusion that after Korona, people's enthusiasm will rise! They argue that after a catastrophic catastrophe has occurred in one of the world's most populous countries, it is possible for a person to recover from a breakup. When a man has nothing, he has nothing to lose, then he has to get back what he has! Once you reach the bottom, there is no way to go down, that's why you start going up. This logic may seem a little strange, but it's worth it!

Corona has hit everyone in the world with a small big blow. Someone is in financial trouble, someone is mentally handicapped. Many have faced a lump of economic, physical, mental, and social problems. When a calamity befalls a man, he is at first confused. There is no direction. Many feel that everything is over. Man also has tremendous strength to digest trauma. Gradually man accepts the situation as it is. Then it starts all over again. Only when there is no way does a man strive to make a new way. Even if a person falls, he does not fall forever. When he falls, he feels like he can't stand up anymore. When the key turns, it curls back. Sit down with a little effort. Arises. After getting up, Anna gets courage. It happens that if I can get up, I will be able to walk. Only after he starts walking does he start running.

Sociologists use a simple example to illustrate that speed breakers sometimes occur when we are on the road. We have to slow down even if we don't want to. Sometimes there is a diversion. No matter how big the diversion, it is completed at one stage. The same is true of the way of life. Sometimes it feels like a big shock. The pace of life slows down. Slowly he climbs back into the car and starts running.

The history of the world is full of many events. How much is all over. Yet the world has developed? The world talks a lot about depression, there is one last thing about depression which is that whatever the depression is, it will end sooner or later. Optimists can get out of a difficult situation sooner. Psychologists say that a person should not lose hope even if he has suffered any loss. There is tremendous strength in the fact that tomorrow will be beautiful. It keeps you in trouble. In times of recession, the market cools down. Economists know that the recession ends at one point and the boom begins. This is also the order of nature. The question is, what is man's capacity? Nature has placed inexhaustible powers in man. There are many cases before us which make us wonder how this man could have survived even in such a difficult and dangerous situation.

There is no shortage of experts who believe that the world will get better after Corona. They say that people will get out of this very easily. Maybe people will understand life better. This is the first time the world has seen such an epidemic, and people have faced serious crises like this before. Spiritualists associate it with the order of nature. Even if there is an earthquake of any kind, the earth still calms down after a while. Even the most dangerous storms tend to calm down. Even after the tsunami, the sea returns to its limits. Yes, it is certain that the loss is certain, many people are also victims, but the lives of those who are alive continue. Man survives even in the midst of adversity. Sometimes it is the difficulty that makes a person realize that I had such great strength to fight. We have heard in the mouths of many people who have gone through difficult times that I do not understand how I got through this. That is to say, be optimistic, everything is going to be fine. Second, there is no point in being pessimistic or meaningless. Let Corona go, the better time of the world is to come. We just have to survive until time changes!

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