Wednesday, January 27, 2021

એડિટર અને આસિસ્ટન્ટ (વર્ગ 3) | Senior Sub Editor and Information Assistant (Class-3) Notification

Let's make up our minds against Corona. There is news that Falana Saga has come positive.

The brother had to be taken on oxygen. The flutter wakes up when the ventilator is named. Corona can be seen on the walls of the house where Corona has knocked. Those who have lost loved ones in Corona cannot even comfort each other by clinging to each other. The trauma of crying alone seems overwhelming. There have also been several cases in which both spouses have tested positive for corona and the husband dies during treatment. The pain of not being able to see even the mouth of the person with whom you have spent years is like tearing your heart. No one can say even two words of consolation to his wife when she is home quarantine. It is good that video calls can be made nowadays, otherwise all the faces would have faded!Everything is slowly unlocking after Corona’s lockdown. If you look at it like this, it is eighty percent open, but where is the heart still so open? When we go out with a mask on our face, gloves in hand, sanitizer in our pockets, it feels as if someone is going to fight a war. Even if someone comes close, the flashes pass. 

Let the distance of two yards not move from the brain. If someone talks about going for a walk at such a time, it makes sense to say, have you gone mad or not? Some people have started going out. Now who can stop the one who only intends to do harakiri? The reason for Corona's rise is the careless people who consider themselves brave. One who does not understand the difference between bravery and stupidity puts himself and others at risk.

It happens to all of us, when the weather is good and when we go out in a bad way. When there is no mask across the nose and when we will all return to old normal. If the circumstances were normal, how many of us would have planned to go on Diwali vacation now? Flight and hotel bookings would also have been done. The countdown to the walk would have been running, the bus is now going to have fun after so many days. Now such an idea does not even occur. On the contrary, the question arises as to whether Diwali can be celebrated in the same way at home. Can I go to someone's house to wish them a Happy New Year? Can anyone come to our house or not?

The tourism industry has come up with new tips to help people get some relief and run their own business. One of them is no destination tourism. It happens to us that we came back, got a little change. What are we doing now? When the house gets bored, the car gets out of the house. Slow speed circling the city. Going to the highway and trying to get the feeling of being out of town. Do not dare to get out of the car. Danger if we get out of the car? After getting in the car from the parking lot of the house, come back to the parking lot and open the car door! People who go to work, go to business, people have to go, that's why they go. Fear also resides in his mind. Not everyone is destined to work from home! It's scary to go for a walk outside, but it happens that we have to be careful, do something that we like, do something that is a little fun. People who believe this are starting to prefer destination tourism.

If you want to understand the simple meaning of no destination, it can be said that to get there is to get dizzy. Singapore Airlines has just announced a no destination flight. The airline first studied whether people would be willing to do that. Seventy-five percent of respondents showed readiness. All you have to do is take a flight from Singapore, hover in the air for half an hour and land back at the same airport from where you took off. Tourists will also be given gift vouchers for duty free shopping from the airport. Gradually other countries are considering following Singapore's idea. Even if people don't go anywhere or stay anywhere, people feel like we've gone somewhere. Children in particular are expected to enjoy this type of travel. There are some countries where Corona is not so popular. Countries whose economies are based on tourism now want to do business by turning their own people around in this way. This kind of tour is just an attempt to persuade the mind, but for the sake of the heart, this idea is not bad either! By the way, if this happens in our country, would you choose or not?

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