Sunday, January 24, 2021

GPSC શિક્ષણ સેવા વર્ગ-2 પ્રશ્ન પેપર. | Shixan Seva Varga 2 Paper Download PDF

 There is a demand to start education service through UPSC on the post of class 1 officer in various key posts of Gujarat state education department and recruit on the basis of it. It was also opined that the incumbents could fulfill their academic responsibilities more effectively. It has been decided to make representations to the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the State Government and the Central Government for launching an education service in the country.

A meeting of Gujarat State Education Service Class 1, 2 Administrative Branch Officer Assoc. Was held at Gandhinagar Swaminarayan Dham last Saturday 17th October. The meeting was attended by DEO-DPO of various districts, Secretary-Examination of Education Board, GCERT as well as officials of State Examination Board.

Under which the recommendation has been sought from the state government for the new education policy to be implemented by the central government. In addition, it was suggested that a public examination should be held to check the academic level of the students as the examination is conducted for students from standard 1 to 8.

It was also opined that under the Right to Education, the responsibility of the school should be determined as well as the responsibility of the school guardian for the child to come to the school for study.

What is the main purpose behind starting an education service?

At present, most of the key posts in the education department are held by the chartered officers who have worked in the district development officer-revenue department. They work in the education department for a while and then move on to make the whole system work. In such a situation, if the Education Service is started and a Class 1 officer is recruited on its basis, then the Department of Education, the Class 1 Officer Assoc. Has expressed the view that the educational policies can be made effective.

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