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વિદ્યાસહાયક ભરતી જાહેરાત (અન્ય મધ્યમ ) 2021

Loyalty is the biggest question facing relationships today. Who, to whom, how loyal is the most difficult to measure or know. Where does loyalty always remain the same? Loyalty fluctuates. Loyalty keeps changing. One of the reasons I love you is because I am loyal to you. Loyalty is associated with love.
Superstition enters love when loyalty is questioned. When we say that there is no one but you in my life, we also wish that there should be no one but you in my life. Loyalty should be on both sides as love should be on both sides. There is a big difference between loyalty and domination. We sometimes offer hegemony under the guise of loyalty. We don't want loyalty, we want domination. Are we afraid that our person will become someone else's? Even if he talks to someone more than us, we can't stand it!This is the story of a young man. He has a girlfriend. There is so much love between the two. The young man is also sensible. His girlfriend also has good friendships with his colleagues. Girlfriend does not hide anything from her boyfriend. 

Lets all speak the truth. The boyfriend also meets all of his girlfriend's colleagues and friends with love. This young man once said to his other friend, "Dude, we all understand that he has other friends, has a good relationship with Kaligs, but why does he feel pain when he talks to someone? When he praises his colleague, why does he get the idea that he doesn't like it? Her friend said that relationships can only be built on trust! It is not possible to predict when distrust will turn into doubt. It tells you that if it is committed to you, have faith in it! She stays with her colleagues for nine hours a day. Something is about to happen. There will probably be good people in his collies as well. He is aware of the good and the bad. If I lose faith, doubt will enter.

જાહેરાત ડાઉનલોડ PDF 

No one can show his loyalty by tearing his chest. Anyone who wants to cheat can do so. This is true of a husband and wife. A young man on duty in his wife's office. The young man liked the girl very much. The young man also helps him with office work. Once the girl asked jokingly, I like you very much, don't I? The young man said, "Yes, I like it, because there are very few girls like you." I'm glad I have friends like you in my life. The wife tells her husband all about her friend. Once the wife had to go abroad with everyone on an office trip. The wife went to put the husband. The wife's friend found him. The husband said to her, "It is good that you take care of this." Also be careful on trips. It has a great effect after drinking at a party at night. Then pay more attention to it. The same thing happened. He drank more than the girl at a party abroad at night. Her friend said, just now. Let's put it in your room. The girl also considered him a friend. She immediately went with him. The boy laid her down on the bed, unfolded the sheet and walked to his room. It so happened that when the young man was going to put his friend in the room, his mobile did not fall so he kept it in his pocket. The mobile remained in his pocket. When I came to his room, I found out that his phone was left with me. Friend may be asleep, don't call him anymore. He fell asleep thinking that he would give it in the morning.

Husband was worried as his wife's phone did not ring. In the middle of the night he called his wife's mobile. When the ring rang, his wife's friend picked up the phone. He told all the truth, I put him in the room and the phone stayed with me. Husband asked, is that okay? Friend said, yes. Husband replied, well. Let's talk in the morning. The trip is over. All came back. Husband came to pick me up at the airport. As he was leaving, his wife's friend asked, "Do you have any doubts?" The young man said, "I trust my wife." He also trusts you as a good friend. He said to the young man, Thank you for your trust. This is the strength of your relationship. I'm proud of both of you.

There is so much skepticism in relationships these days that we have questions about everything. Our relationship is not so strong. Looking at our person online on WhatsApp, the thought comes, who will be chatting with? Mobile passwords can sometimes be a source of suspicion. A young man constantly worries that it would be better if no one called while he was with my wife! I'll be tired of answering. We have become so skeptical that we have doubts about everything. One of the reasons for today's stress is that we keep suffocating ourselves. Even if the message is not answered, we get irritated. The man who is surrounded by doubts is himself miserable. Our faith is the cause of our happiness. Most people are so sad that they don't have faith in anyone.

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