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 Let's start the article today with a joke. There was an employee. His boss would tell him every time, "You're useless." Once the employee went to the boss to ask for leave. "It's a personal job, I want a day off," the boss said. Listening to the holiday, Bose said, "If you go
on holiday, then who will do the work?"Taking time off from work is as difficult as chewing iron chickpeas. The heartbeat increases when you go to the boss, will this leave or not? Now most companies have an online system for taking leave. If you want leave, apply for leave in the company's intranet. The boss approves or rejects your leave online. It doesn't matter if he approves, but when he rejects, the situation becomes dire that now why convince the boss? In some companies, the holiday season is in full swing. I have to prove that I really want to leave Genuine Reason. Many bosses even get sadistic pleasure in rejecting employee leave. We also see many instances where the job has changed due to not getting leave. That is to say, no man puts up a job because of work, mostly because of the people there and especially the seniors. There are very few companies where you can get a comfortable holiday.

There is a reason why I decided to talk about the holiday. A recent survey in the United States found that taking regular leave from work reduces the risk of heart attack. Listening to this survey, it is also a joke that there is a situation here that asking for leave only increases the risk of heart attack. If I want to take a holiday tomorrow, I can't sleep at night thinking, how can I say that? Sometimes if the boss says yes without any hesitation, it is a joy to win the lottery. Well, when it comes to holiday surveys, research by Syracuse, a private research university in the United States, found that people who do not take time off for themselves are at risk for everything from digestive problems to heart attacks. Man is constantly under stress due to job. Taking a break gives a break and brings physical and mental vitality.

It is understandable that if there is a holiday, you feel relaxed and refreshed. One new issue, however, is that people are now afraid to take leave. Not because he won't give me leave? Because if my importance decreases? What if I am not considered sincere at work? What if my image gets worse? Many people even fear that if I ask for leave, I will be fired. Right now there is a cut-throat competition in every field. Everyone is trying to survive. Youngsters also have performance anxiety. Everyone feels pressured to prove themselves and their work.

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Now the working hours have also increased. In the big city, people leave for work in the morning and arrive home late at night. People's relationships have also been called into question due to the workload and lack of leave. The biggest issue in new couples is that they can't give each other time. Today’s youngsters understand the value of relationships, but are having trouble because of careers. Cannot be present even where required to be present. This is the story of a young man selected for a higher post. Due to his new job, he could not attend any events, so his relatives used to taunt him saying that now you have become a big man. He said, "Brother, I am stuck in work." I also want to come everywhere, but should match?

There is also a class of employees on the other side who take leave even after showing false excuses. The excuse of illness is handy for that. If the boss argues, do those people say that the illness comes by asking a little or informing in advance? Now comes Diwali. We have a trend to go there on Diwali. Many people may have had to go for a walk because they did not get a holiday. Holiday issues are a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. People take leave when there is an occasion for some reason, but sometimes they should take leave for themselves without any reason. This will prevent you from stealing at work, but will allow you to work better after the holidays. After hearing all these things, sometimes we feel that even our bosses understand that employees should be given leave. This will increase its working capacity. However, there are very few people who understand this and there are more people who are stumbling. Is that true or not?

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