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Have you ever experienced a bad man? Must have happened. You have trusted someone and he has broken your trust, you have loved someone and that man has played with your feelings, you have considered someone a good man and he has taken advantage of your goodness. This is what happens. This has been happening and will continue to happen. Identifying the man is the biggest test for every man. We do not always pass this test!

Not every man is what he looks like. Feeling good can be bad. A man who looks bad often proves to be good. Some people are such that we can't decide what this really is. We are getting people who cannot be understood. There is no formula for measuring man. There is no clear definition of who is good. There is no basis for calling anyone bad. Man also keeps changing back. Even good experiences change suddenly. Even the label on which we have labeled a bad, unworthy or bad man sometimes comes across as good.

One reason for skepticism is that we cannot recognize man. Promises often prove to be deceptive. Promises are often hollow. Agreements reached in court do not guarantee that everything will go smoothly. On the contrary, the documents filed in the court are proof that this can happen at any time. We are signing coins for safety. The value of a signature is not the same for everyone. There is no shortage of people who turn the plank and stand up. We say, did you do that?

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His friend betrayed a young man. "I didn't expect that from you," he told his betrayed friend. I considered you a friend. I trusted you with my eyes closed. I lost what I lost, but you know what you lost? You can't even meet my eyes. It is not a pity that the money is gone, the pain is that now I will have doubts before trusting anyone, I will hesitate to trust anyone now, every time it will happen to me that he will do the same as you?

Sometimes it happens to us that there is no such thing as trusting someone. When such an idea comes up, ask yourself, 'Am I a man to be trusted?' If the answer is yes, then it is not like putting a cross on all human beings from one or two experiences. Not all are necessarily good. It's not like everyone is bad. Where there are flowers, there are thorns. Wherever there is a village, there is a jail. Prison is proof that not everyone deserves to live in the city. There have to be rogue people. Were also in earlier times and are to remain as long as the world exists. Earlier there were monsters. Is still. The monster does not have horns on its head. Its eyes are not big and red. His laughter is not cruel. The monster is a fantasy, but there are definitely people who make this fantasy come true. There is a monster inside some man who is looking for a chance.

We often rely on the wrong person for our own good. To a friend his friend said, the man you trust is not trustworthy. That friend said that whatever it is with the world, is it good with me? On hearing this, his friend said, "No, it doesn't happen." Every human being has some basic virtues or vices. It's not going away. The man who can deceive others can deceive you too. There must be grains in the trap laid by the hunter, we should have an understanding of which grains to eat and which grains to stay away from.

It is even more dangerous when a bad man pretends to be good. A good man can sometimes make a mistake, but a bad man is just waiting for an opportunity. We should not be surprised when a bad person does something wrong, because that is the nature of it. Not only is a person responsible for cheating every time he cheats, but sometimes our stupidity is also a factor. We should also keep checking our teeth. Some relationships are just waiting to see who betrays first. Buildings that are based on selfishness do not last long. Only when such a relationship is formed does its future become decided.

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