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TET 2 Useful | Std.8 Gujarati Unit's Questions /Answer

Man cannot live without relationship. Society is a set of relationships. Relationships are not measured by 'scale'. Relationships are preserved with affection. What is the circle of your relationship? Some relationships are extremely personal. Some relationships are limited enough to work. A few relationships are also selfish enough.
Some relationships are just that. Not every relationship needs to have a name. Some relationships are 'anonymous' or 'anonymous'. Those relationships are short-lived, but they are alive and well. What would you call your relationship with a grocery store merchant? Is there a name for a relationship with a hairdresser? A liftman moving from top to bottom and from bottom to top, a watchman saluting by opening the gate as he comes and goes, a relationship with a person with milk, vegetables or newspaper, even if only for a few moments. Do we ever mark that relationship? Live that relationship?

If a lady, brother, Ramo or a housewife who comes to work at our house does not come one day, her absence is immediately felt, but when it is, we take note of her presence, right? Small relationships are not hard to live with, the difference is that we don't. Let's laugh a little with someone, ask someone's news or give a compliment to someone, is it going to fall apart? We have no idea how much our small behavior affects the other person.A little baby was traveling with her parents in a luxury bus. The city got to where it was supposed to be, so the three got off the bus. The girl went a little farther to the bus driver. He said to the driver, "Uncle, you drove the bus very well.

 I had no idea when we arrived. The driver's eyes got wet. He took the chocolate out of his bag and gave it to the baby. The chocolate he bought for his daughter. He said, thank you son, sometimes there is a mistake in driving the bus, many people have knocked me, but no one like you has ever said that you drove the bus well.How many people do we pass by every day? How many of these do we leave an impression on? The smiling face is an excellent proof of being alive. Words of consolation are the best sign of empathy. We are able to give someone strength, courage and warmth. The difference is that we are unfamiliar with these powers. There is no point in walking around with your mouth open or with a heavy load on your face. We just have to keep our powers sattvic.

Std.8 Gujarati Unit's Questions /Answer

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There was a seth. Donate when something good happens. He loved to make children happy. Sometimes we are not doing well, but we are convinced that we have done well. The Seth himself did nothing, but gave money to his employee and told him to go and give new clothes to the poor children. He once assigned such a task to one of his employees. The employee took a poor couple and their child to the mall to buy clothes. The thrill of buying clothes with the baby was on her face. One of the happiness of the child was feeling.

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