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ધોરણ 8 સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન નવનીત PDF | Std.8

 Not every man is happy with his current situation. Sometimes it is heard in everyone's mouth that it is not fun. For a while when something good happens it feels like everything is fine now. Soon after, he started complaining. Everyone wants everything to suit themselves. I don't get what I deserve. I deserve more. I'm not really used to it. People who don’t deserve it get everything. Injustice happens to me. I don't get what I deserve.

The man is constantly swinging between the two extremes. There is happiness at one point and misery at another. On one side is security, on the other side is insecurity. There is joy at one point and gum at another. On the one hand there is realization and on the other hand there is regret. On one side is love and on the other side is wham. There is justice on one side and injustice on the other. The man has to become the greatest judge. He keeps weighing his own justice. When we are our own judge, we are justifying ourselves. The man himself is the plaintiff and the judge himself. At such times man feels all the accused, slanderer and criminal.

Have you ever been wronged? Must have happened. Justice is not remembered and injustice is never forgotten. If the parents do a little favor to the brother or sister, we feel that I have been wronged. The wife feels that my husband and in-laws are treating me unfairly. The husband feels that what he is doing is not right. The cycle of justice and injustice continues on the job. There is a feeling of injustice when promotion is not given. Increment is something that hardly anyone is satisfied with. It doesn't matter if you get less increments but it should be more than others. What are we saying when someone gets more increments? That is Sahib's spoon. Loved by the boss. If there is a girl, a lot of things can happen. Here are the reasons why it got more increments. How many people are wondering why I got less? Where did I stay raw? What am I missing? Everyone feels like I've been wronged. Not right with me!

Yes, there is a possibility of injustice happening to you. It is possible. A lot of factors are going to work. Suppose injustice happens then what? How long will you continue to chew that injustice? When man is wronged, he is in a rebellious mood. It makes mistakes. In sum, it proves that what happened to her was fair. It's about an employee. He worked hard and earnestly. There was full involvement in the work. The other got it when it came time to get the promotion. He felt that he had been treated unfairly. 

ડાઉનલોડ PDF ફાઇલ 

It was disturbing. Talking to a close colleague at night, he said that there is no point in showing ability here. All fun. I work hard. What did i get Now I can't even work. I will do as everyone else does. Why should I be good. Now I'm going to wake up too! Hearing this, his friend said, that's all everyone wants! You will come down and it will be proved that you are just like everyone else! Right now you have been wronged by another. Now you are ready to do injustice to yourself. Why don’t I think I’ll do a better job than I do. If you want to prove the injustice done to you, show it by being the best! Remember, no Jung

Is not final. We are the ones putting it under arms. We are giving someone a chance to win. We are responsible for our defeat. Injustice is about to happen. Is about to happen. There is never complete justice with anyone. Even when justice is done to us, we feel it is incomplete. Behavior after injustice is important. Sometimes there is no such thing as justice or injustice. We assume that there is injustice. Many people even say that nature does injustice to me! God has not given me what He has given to others.

Man wears injustice. It does not come out of it by itself. Covering the blanket, he kept saying that I was hot. There is also heat. If it gets hot then discard the blanket! The atmosphere is cold. You are hot Don't expect anyone to do you justice. You decide your justice. The one who does good and the best becomes the first victim, because the other does not do the best. They can't even do that.

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