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પરિણામ પત્રક New ધોરણ ૧ થી 3 | Result Excel Sheet 2021

 Every man needs advice, counsel or guidance from time to time. Life often comes with questions whose answers are not straightforward. When there is more than one question, man gets confused as to which of these answers is correct?

If there is a closed lock and we are given a bunch of keys and told that you have to choose only one of these keys, that key should be locked, the lock should be opened! When this happens, a person's mind gets confused. Finally take a chance. There is also a lot of thinking. What is a keyhole? What is the thickness of the lock? It takes a lot of thinking to figure it out. There is no guarantee that it will happen. It doesn't have to be this way. Maybe even take! Man is always taking a chance in life. If it looks like an arrow, otherwise Tukko thinks so, but to shoot it is an arrow.

There was a husband and wife. If her husband had a problem, she would rush to him for advice. He consulted an elder for a job. He did as the elder told him. That work failed. The husband started blaming the elder. Following his advice, this is what happened to me. I had to suffer because of it. Now I will never take his advice. One was thinking of another job. He consulted another elder. Listen to that. That work was successful. The husband began to praise her. That man was right. I benefited from listening to him. Then came the third work. The husband was thinking about who to consult. Asked the wife. 

The wife said, will you accept my answer? My answer is that you follow your advice. Don't you trust yourself How much advice do you need now? The truth is that you are afraid. You are not prepared to accept responsibility for failure. You have doubts about success. You take advice and then the credit for what happens goes to someone else! Whether the credit is positive or negative! What's in it for you You are the last to follow!

Many people have a habit of seeking advice on small matters. From car levy to car hafus or saffron, there are people who want advice. A man asked his friend which car to take? Pella said that the car should not be taken! The car is a big deal! What are the current parking problems? How many rounds does it take to find parking? How much petrol burns in dizziness? Fear of an accident if you have a car. The warranty has to come? Rather than taking a taxi when there is work to be done! Let's call so present! The man was confused. Now what to do? He wondered if this man was right. She was with the man's wife. He said to Salukai's counselor, "Look, brother, we didn't ask you to take the car or not." We have only asked you which company the car should be taken from!

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Another man asked his friend for advice on how to buy a car. Which car to take? "What do you like?" He asked. Pella named a specific car. The friend said then take whatever you like! Why do I talk about taking what I like? At most you can compare it with other car technology of that level and then you can make your own decision! Counselors are sometimes upside down. A couple wanted a car. The husband liked one car and the wife liked the other. The matter was disputed between the two. Took the advice of a friend. He said leave the choice to both of you and take the third car only! Now what do you call this?

As far as things go, that's fine - there's a lot of economic damage. Things get serious when it comes to life or career. Take advice. Advice should also be sought. There is nothing wrong with that. More important is who you seek advice from. The advice of a wise and prudent man is often helpful. However, the advice of every wise man is not necessarily true. Yes, that may be true. When a man gives advice to someone, he puts himself in that position and gives advice. What do I do if I'm in this place? Very few people understand that I am not in that place, there is a person for whom I have to give advice.

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