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The decisions we make often make us question ourselves. Did I do exactly what I did? Wouldn't it be nice if
I didn't do that? Should I have made that decision or not? However, such questions make no sense, since the decision was to be made. It is natural to analyze the decision taken. There is nothing wrong with examining the pros and cons of decisions. Yes, the decision taken should not be regretted. It is true when we make a decision. We make decisions by thinking a lot, studying about the plus and minus points and thinking about the effects it will have on our lives. Not every decision has to be right. 

The decision is sometimes right and sometimes wrong. The outcome of the decision is not immediate. Time determines whether our decision was right or wrong. Circumstances also cause the decision to be right or wrong. Time and circumstances are not in our hands. In our hands are only our efforts and our devotion. Efforts and dedication are often lost in the face of time and circumstances. This does not mean that we made the wrong decision.
તાલીમ વીડિયોની લિંક નીચે આપી છે 

Not every decision is made with the mind. Many decisions are made from the heart. Our feelings, our intimacy and our sensibilities often outweigh our calculations. At such times we do not see our advantage, we see our love. We also take into account the disadvantages and disadvantages. Time holds the scales in our hands. We are challenged to make the decision you want to make now. It is not necessary that we always choose to bend over. Sometimes we even embrace the scales raised above. We think no, I don't see the benefit. My person is important to me, my love is important and my relationship is important. We will see what happens, but nothing at the expense of it. Even heartfelt decisions often make you think, ask questions, and ask for answers.

This is a very real event right now. A man decided to stay in America for twenty years and return to India. He liked America, everything was set there, he never thought of coming to India, but one day he decided to come back to India. The man was a son of one of his parents. His parents raised him up and taught him. Picked up so fit he could go to America for a job. After going to America, he also called his parents to him. Married. Two children were born. Everything was going well. However, not everything is the same forever.

Twenty years have passed in America. The parents grew old. Both were in good health. The US seemed tough now because of the cold. India was pulling both. The idea of ​​spending the last days of their lives in their homeland came to both of them. One day the parents told their son to go to India. The question is who cares for parents in India? Sending his parents alone did not help him. Sitting with his wife, after much thought, he finally decided that we should all leave America and go back to India. There were many benefits to living in America. However, he put his parents' wishes ahead of his own. One Fine Day, the man left America with his parents, wife and two children and came to India.


After living in America for two decades, he was having a hard time settling into Indian culture. In the face of it all, he survived. However, the questions posed to her by her two children shook her. The children were getting younger. They were both born in America. Grew up in American culture. The son once said that you made the decision you like. We didn't think so. We don't like it here. You risked the lives of four of us for your parents. Even if your decision seems reasonable to us, it is not only unreasonable, it seems unfair to us! This disturbed the man so much that he had to seek the help of a psychologist. Had to take medicine.

One day he asked his wife if my decision was wrong. The wife said, "Don't regret the decision you made." You did what you thought was right and good. You were right in your place. Now don't try to get yourself wrong. If you do this, you will be confused. Decisions that we think are right may seem wrong to our own people. You stick to your right decision. From the options that were in front of you, you chose the option that seemed right to you. I don't know if I would have made such a decision if I were you, but I respect your decision. I am with you In front of you were parents on one side and both children on the other. You did what your heart told you to do. You can't keep everyone happy all the time, judging one often involves doing a little injustice to the other. The children may feel that your decision is wrong. It is not in your place. It is to think in its place. You don't even have to worry about who will think after you make a decision. The same thought that I did what I thought was right, stop regretting your decision, take pride in your decision if you have to.

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