Sunday, June 6, 2021

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 No success is possible without determination and struggle. If a man has reached any destination, there will be a story behind it. Many stories are shaped by grief. Compulsion also

comes out as strength. To get applause, a person has to keep pace with himself. Will the plant be struggling for flowering? How many leaves do you have to grow before flowering? How many thorns to face? Sometimes it seems that even for a flower, you have to cultivate the qualification! You have to prove your existence! Where there is smell, there is no smell!

Every man has his own little personal compulsion. There are a few potty responsibilities. Life seeks answers. We have to answer that. You cannot escape the answer and responsibility. You don't get up every time you shake hands. Hands have to be spread. Bath has to be crowded with questions. Love also has to be proven. Hate also has to be endured. Nothing like that happens to them. 

Is there really such a thing as compulsion? Or do we call our responsibilities and the challenges we face a compulsion? In the name of compulsion, we often get the wrong assurance. Looking for loopholes. We don't have to, so let's move on. There was a crippled mountaineer. From childhood he had a dream to climb a mountain to achieve his dream. He had an accident when he was a little older. Accidentally crippled him. However, he fulfilled his dream. Successful mountaineering. He was then asked how this was possible despite being disabled?

"After the accident, it felt like everything was over," said the crippled mountaineer. My dream was shattered. I began to think that I was compelled now. My legs are not working. Once I was sitting in the garden. A small child was playing. Filled to the brim, he went to a hill. The legs did not move. Still he was trying to climb the hill. It fell in front of my eyes many times. Finally he reached the hill. The joy on his face after reaching the top was supernatural. That child looked in front of me. Laughed. 

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As if he was telling me not to make your disability the cause of your compulsion. Try it. I'll have a little more. Maybe not even mountaineering, so what? At least it will happen to you that you tried. Don't worry about success. Try I looked at my feet and said, I will not let you interfere with my dreams. I won't even tell you my compulsion. From that day on I started thinking that this is a leg, this leg doesn't work, disability is the truth of my life, I can't get rid of it. Now that's all I have to do. I have to keep it with me and move on. My challenge was double. I realized I had to try twice now. I did not double my effort but tripled it and I was able to make my dream come true.

Do you have any compulsions? Will be. Just to be. Everyone has. Can you move on with it? So go ahead. Along with the responsibility of the home, the responsibility of the family, the responsibility of taking care of the siblings, there is also a responsibility with oneself. That responsibility means to fulfill our dream in spite of all the responsibilities. No escaping responsibility. No compulsions. It happens to most people that I have to do a job so I do it, not the rest of the job. Do my catchy work. Salary is required. Seeing the rupee. The house has to be finished. Parents have to be saved. The boy has to grow up. Everyone's needs have to be met. Do you think that those who are successful have no responsibilities?

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