Saturday, October 16, 2021

સરકારી નોકરીઓમાં પતિ પત્નીની બદલી બાબત સરકારનો નવો નિયમ | 16-10-2021

One after another, the Bhupendra government of Gujarat is taking decisions for government employees.One year for the wife, 2 years for the husband.On behalf of the Government of Gujarat, the General Administration Department of the State has issued a circular. Spouses working in government jobs will now be able to work in the same district and place. As per the resolution of the General Administration Department, if the female employee who has been appointed on a fixed salary basis through regular recruitment process has served for at least one year and the male employee has served for at least two years, then the husband and wife can work in the same district and place. 

It is very important that the provision issued by the government is followed. As an exception, in case the husband and wife can be kept in the same place / nearby place, even if the male employee has served for one year, his transfer / district fare can be changed after one year. Orders have also been passed for the department to make this change in a completely transparent manner.

બદલી બાબત સરકારનો નવો નિયમ 

ડાઉનલોડ પરિપત્ર PDF 

The decision was taken yesterday for the transfer of contract employees.A big decision has been taken by the

Gujarat government for the employees performing contract duty. Fixed salary contract employees can now be replaced. Now these employees with fixed salary will also be able to avail the benefit of transfer. Importantly, as per the circular of 2015, there was no provision for transfer. It has been decided that the replacement can now be done on the basis of deputation of the employee

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