Monday, February 21, 2022

LRD પોલીસ કોન્સ્ટેબલની ફિઝિકલ પરીક્ષાનું રિઝલ્ટ જાહેર..2022

Physical test of Lokarakshak cadre has been organized at 15 (fifteen) centers of Gujarat state from 08/12/2071. Click here for .... (Ii) If any candidate has any objection or representation regarding

the details of the result of the physical test, a copy of the collator should be included with the application. Gandhinagar - Registered at 2007 Or send by speed post or courier (application will not be accepted in person due to Covid-18). Application received after the stated date will not be accepted. (3) Male candidates have to complete 2000 meters race in 5 minutes to pass, female candidates have to complete 1500 meters race in 5 minutes and 30 seconds to pass and Ex-Serviceman has to complete 200 meters race in 15 minutes and 50 seconds. 

Candidates who have passed the physical test process have to take written test as per the rules. This written examination is scheduled to be held on 10/05/206. Detailed instructions regarding the examination will now be posted on the Lokarakshak Recruitment Board's website. Candidates should regularly check the instructions on the website of Lokarakshak Recruitment Board. (A) Out of the applications received till 31/06/207 for merging more than one collateral of PSE / Lokrakshak cadre physical test with the confirmation number of PSE as per the approved applications. Lokarakshak's confirmation number has been merged. Click here to see the details ....

P.S.E. If the cadre has passed the physical test, the Lokrakshak cadre also has a collator and if the name is not in the above merger list, then the application for merging the collator is dated. To be sent to Lokarakshak Recruitment Board by 7/08/208 in such a way. Applications received after the stated date will not be accepted..S.E. And Lokerakshak for both the candidates and both the applications are filled with the same information. And the collateral of Lokrakshak has been merged and the confirmation of Lokrakshak has been shown in the collateral of such candidates and such candidates no longer need to submit any application regarding merger of collators at the recruitment board.

પોલીસ ભરતી અપડેટ માહિતી 

ફક્ત તમારું પોતાનું પરિણામ જુઓ  

ડાઉનલોડ Result PDF  

ભરતી બોર્ડ વેબસાઇટ 

(Ii) Candidates who are eligible for P.S.E. And P.O.E. Candidates who have passed the cadre test will be eligible for P.S.E. And the application regarding merger of Lokarakshak Collator should be sent to the office of Lokarakshak Recruitment Board, Bungalow No. G-16, Near Sarita Udyan, Sector-2, Gandhinagar-2009 by 5/08/208. Applications received after 7/02/207 will not be considered valid. To view the application form

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