Monday, September 23, 2019

`बिनसचिवालय मोडेल पेपर 17 by ICE

Examination on 16th of October next for recruitment to the office of the Assistant Class-3 for the clerk, class-3, cadre and secretarial departments for the Collector offices under the control of Revenue Department as well as clerks, non-secretaries for various Heads of the Government of Gujarat. Hosting a non-secretarial clerk and office assistant to get a job in the city of Junagadh from 30 Nearly 13 thousand candidates on dhu given exam centers. For which preparations have also been started from Gandhinagar, a secondary service selection body.
Not to mention, there are about 2,500 vacancies for non-secretarial clerks and office assistants. For which, from filling Gujarat, millions of candidates are appearing for the exam. In Junagadh, more than 100 candidates will appear for the exam.

The next exam, held on Sunday, October 16, will be of two hours. When the candidates have to attend the exam centers one hour earlier, ie, 11 hours.A written examination of the Non-Secretarial Clerk Cadre Part-I will be conducted by the Jaraat Secondary Service Selection Board. In the examination, the examiners can take the exam in calm environment, keeping in mind the law and order situation. It is also important to have a smooth operation. According to a notification issued by Navsari District Magistrate Remya Moh to the Navsari District Examination Centers of Navsari District and the area bounded within 200 meters of the building, any person (including examiners) is prohibited from carrying weapons, mobiles, playing loudspeakers. In addition, Xerox-Fax Centers within 200 meters of the Examination Centers will be closed from 10am to 4pm on 21st. Violation of the notification will result in punishment according to Article 188 of the Indian Penal Code.
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