Saturday, September 21, 2019

Radar defects of presidential aircraft: rudder fault

President Ramnath Kovind's plane has encountered some faults. However, this defect is considered to be so dangerous that if the aircraft had flown, it would have full potential to crash.
President Ramnath Kovind was in Switzerland when the defect came to light. His plane was able to fly three hours late due to aircraft faults. This defect is known as the rudder fault.

Experts say that the radar fault that President Kovind's plane encountered was so dangerous that if it did not go unnoticed, there was a high probability of the plane crashing.
Earlier, many pilots around the world have failed due to this technical fault and the plane has crashed. President Ram Nath Kovind is currently visiting Iceland, Switzerland, Slovenia. On Sunday their plane had to fly from Juric to Slovenia. President Kovind is due to return on 17th.
Shortly before he flew from Zurich, he encountered a defect. Experts say the rudder fault or rudder hardover is considered to be one of the faults of the aircraft, which also scares the big airlines.
If this defect is created then there is a high probability of a crash. Radar is mounted in the rear to determine the direction of the aircraft. If the fault occurs in the rudder, it is difficult to determine the direction of the aircraft and crash.
There has also been research that if the rudder is not fit and a major defect is made, then there is a possibility of two pieces of aircraft. Due to the radar fault, the aircraft suddenly rotates left or right. Causing a huge amount of air pressure on the rear of the aircraft.
Due to the speed, the wings on the rear of the aircraft can be broken. Even if only two pieces of the whole plane could be made. President Kovind's plane had the same fault, but if it did not go unnoticed, there was a possibility of the plane crashing.
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