Saturday, October 19, 2019

Announcement of recruitment of CRC CO. ordinator 2019 | For Teachers

Gujarat Preliminary Council has instructed all district project coordinators to circular and implement the circular on appointment of nominated candidates and recruitment process under URC, BRC, CRC co-ordinator under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

Circular was taken by Gujarat Elementary Education Council regarding criteria for selection of CRC, BRC, URC Coordinator. Wherein the co-ordinator will be appointed from the deputation for the first 3 years. After the first 1 year probation the taluka, based on the educational result of the ratio of the cluster will be taken into account. Deployment can be extended after 3 years. One-third of the BRC, CRC co-ordinators will have to be replaced every year. The maternity returning coordinator will be able to apply again after one year. Appointed as the subject teacher of the upper elementary school and accepting the option, the primary teacher from level 1 to 8 other than the mathematics science subject teacher who is teaching as the subject teacher in the upper primary may apply. On the date of application for the space, 3 years experience of district panchayat, nagar paka, government elementary school teacher in the district, compulsory experience is compulsory after that experience will be considered as merit score.
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Candidates who are currently undergoing prosecution against the teacher who applied for the district, will be considered invalid. The maximum age of the teacher applying should be over 50 years. Academic qualification as a graduate of PTC or training with Std.12 pass will be considered compulsory. Primary Education Department has no information regarding the President of the District Panchayat. There has been a big controversy over the appointment of a co-ordinator. CRC Co-ordinator's post has made it displeasing among the teachers who have been appointed to the junior teachers even after their senior interviewers interviewed for the post. The selection of juniors for the position of CRC co-ordinator has been suspected to be the function of the education department. However, the district panchayat president has been kept in the dark over the appointment of the CRC co-ordinator. For years, the work of raising the level of education in elementary schools from Std. Dahavelima district panchayat level, to conducting timely training of teachers, conducting meetings in various schools, visiting special training classes by CR Primary Education Department in Patelad areas for years. The ordinators are appointed. As many as five CRC co-ordinators were to be appointed at this time, 3 senior teachers had filed. However, the controversy has arisen after the district panchayat president was informed and without his consent, the officials appointed twice CRC co-ordinators. Interviews of six senior teachers who had contended for the space were conducted. However, the post of CRC co-ordinator has caused a lot of displeasure among the senior junior and senior teachers who are choosing to work on the contract. The one-sided administration is trying to raise the level of education. But instead of taking advantage of the experience of the senior teachers, the officers have been selected by the junior and teachers working on the contract. On this, district panchayat president Raman Kakwa said that they had not been informed about the appointment of CRC co-ordinator. It has also been complained to the high officials that the officers have been appointed repeatedly without their consent.

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