Sunday, October 20, 2019

Standard 10 Maths Question bank New for Board Exam

A large number of students disappear every year on the subject of Mathematics in Std. 8 and due to failing in mathematics, the students cannot reach Std. 1. And two different books have been called for teaching mathematics

During the general meeting of the Gujarat board, several members of the board demanded that two different papers, including standard (higher level) and lower level, be given to the students in Mathematics in the Board Examination on March 3 as per CBSE pattern. But the board accepted the proposals of all the members and as per now Gujarat The Board of Education will give the student the option of two separate question papers. With the option of two question papers, the board has also planned to teach two different textbooks in Std-1. At the board meeting, one member proposed to introduce two different books, namely mathematics and algebra. According to this proposal, for mathematics students who want to go into general stream or ITI after Std.1 Students are asked from the mathematics chapters in the main examination of the board.

 In addition to this, the lesson majors should be separated from the Higher Maths textbook for the students who want to go into science stream after Std. 3. The question paper should be kept in Seed Mathematics for students of Seed Mathematics. Questions from chapters 1 through 5 are asked along with the questions. In general math curriculum, chapters 1 through 5 are used for general-math It has to be kept in chapters 1 to 2 for mathematics. If two different books are kept in one place, it will be very easy for the students.
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