Sunday, October 20, 2019

Standard 10 SSC Board Exam Question bank : Science Subject

From 14th October 2019, the first test exam in all schools of Gujarat state has started from 9 to 12 all streams. According to their presence online filling is easily done but attendance is provided except for the commencement of the optional subject examination, but in standard 10 there are six subjects compulsory. The main subject is an optional subject from the computer or exercise. In which case the student who comes to the exam on the same day that the exam is on the subject, which is not on that day, then it is a question of whether the student is present or not present in the online presence.

In the same way the questions of presence for Mathematics and Biology subjects are raised in the standard 11 science stream ?, the same is in the standard 12 science stream? Similarly, the presence of elective subjects in the subjects of commerce and arts in the standard 11 and standard 12 general stream. The question is generated? 


What to do for a student who does not have an exam on the day? To clarify the matter so that students do not miss the attendance .The President of the Ahmedabad City Secondary and Higher Secondary School Administrative Employees' Union, Yogesh Mishra, has presented the Secretary and District Education Officer of the Board in writing and all the teachers, principals and staff of the school are feeling confused. The Department of Education has demanded clarification in this regard.On the third day of the Board Examination, examination of Std. 10 and 12 was conducted in peaceful environment in both sessions. Examination of science, technology and agricultural science was conducted in Std.10 and Science, Std. It was found that there was a copycase in Sehore.

In the morning session, there was a science and technology paper in Std.10, where 1,091 students were absent while 46,474 candidates appeared for the exam. While Std.12 had 236 absences in the general stream and 9,564 candidates appeared in the subject of philosophy, 51 were found to be absent and 6,080 were present in the science stream chemistry examination. However, during today's examination, a repeater student got caught copying during the Std.12 philosophy examination at Modern School in Sihor. There was a malpractice case filed by the site administrator.
The theme of this exhibition is being held at Veer Savarkar Primary School near Gorwa Gujarat Housing Board. Science and Technology for Sustainable Development The exhibition is in five sections. A sustainable agricultural system and second hygiene and health Third resource management The fourth industrial development as well as a total of 78 works in five departments of transport and communication in the future.
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